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Apr 25, 2005
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I'm having a really bad day today, i went for a cervical scan yesterday and my cervix is now only 1.7cm and has started funneling, i'm grateful i've got as far as i have but it's still too soon for my little girl to come yet, she's head down too.

I also have a really bad case of thrush which i've never had before and i'm soooooo uncomfortable, i woke up this morning with a cold and to top it all off the hospital has just rang me and said that my diabetes test has come back high and i need to go for a different king tomorrow morning :(

It just seems to be one thing after another :( There's my moan over :)
:cry: ah hunny im having a bad time too. not with the preg thou, although i did go into hospital at 2 am the other night coz i thought my waters had broke in the bath then i had diareha and bk pain so they thought id gone into labour! turns out i prob just sucked up the water as i got in the bath or peed myself :oops:

aarons being a pleb and being really mean. we wont let me look at anything baby when we are together avoids talking about it at all costs and when i try and involve him in a decision he just tells me to do what i want. hes been to one parentcraft wit me in the 6 weeks its been on. he said he doesnt see the point coz they cant teach him n e thing he cant learn from google! i tried telling him that he goes out everyweek to his mates and socialises at work the only social time i get is a parent groups with other mums and mums-to-be and i would like him to be there to show that he supports me but instead i end up calling my mum or dad at the last minute to come with me. i must look like im making him up coz not even my midwife has met him! oh and last but not least no he didnt take me to the hospital the other day my mum did. lucky she lives down the rd. he was 40 mins away gettin wrecked with his mates after hes already been out 2 days earlier!
moan over, just want him to leave but not sure if i'll regret it when my hormones go bk to normal! :cry:
Awww girls :(

Manda bless you - I know it seems far too early for your little one to come intot he world - but at this gestation she has very high chances of being totally fine and recovering from pre-mature birth fine.
We're here for you though hun - moan way - and I know you must be a bit scared too so please talk - it's better to get it out.

Sasha - poor you with your bloke - seems like he is being a right arse! try and have a long talk with him, actually get him to sit down and explain how you feel. I hope this helps xx

Im due same date as u....Oct24. So I really feel 4 u!!!!! Tell me is a cervical scan a routine thing in Australia or did u get it done 4 some other complaint. Thrush can be a pest, but not dangerous. Hope ur other test 4 diabetes went okay. What were the results? Anyway try to remain calm.Thats all u can do to try to keep ur li'l girl in!!

Im going for my diabetic check 2moro! I had a really bad 1st trimester, so hopefully Ill be lucky now.......

Nyway, u take care. Relax & hope 4 the best.

I feel the same way. I get so frustrated and I just want to burst into tears. I am 37 wks tomorrow and I feel like no one understands what I am dealing with. I just need some good solid sleep and time alone, but unfortunately that doesnt look like its going to happen anytime soon. Grrrr!!!!! :x
Hi Manda,

how are you now hun? What are they saying? Can they stil do a stitch? As Sami says, you're a long way in now even if the baby does arrive, you're past the magical 24 weeks mark...

Hope you're both ok, thinking of you

Hi Manda

I'm so sorry you're feeling down. As Sami said you are at a point now where the baby will be fine.

Hope - you only have a cervical scan if you've had surgery on your cervix which means it's shorter or they think there's a reason that your cervix will open early - you've gone into premature labour before.

Louise x
Hi all thanks for your replies, feeling a liitle better now :)

My 2nd diabetes test came back normal, my thrush has nearly cleared up (thank god) but i still have a stinking cold and now a sore throat :(

I know the baby has a good chance if she's born now 95% most books books say, i'm hoping she will make it to at least 34 weeks, but will have to wait and see, she was also measuring 29 weeks not 28 weeks so hopefully this will be an advantage if she does come early, although i hope she doesn't continue to grow too big as her dad was nearly 1 stone born :shock: lol.

Oh well we can't have it all, she was head down too which is a good thing if she does decide on an early appearance.

Manda x x
Aww i'm pleased to hear things are better for you if only a bit, i wanted to say something when i saw your first post but wasn't sure whether repeating what everyone was already saying was a waste, i guess not.
I hope your cold gets better and you start to pick up real soon. nearly a stone born?! wowsers!! your poor mother-in-law!! lol

Wishing you well Lyn, bump and boys

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