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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Chat' started by lozzle, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Sorry for the moan girls but had to get this out.

    OH was paid off from his job as a structural engineer back in January but managed to get a few jobs building farm sheds with his dad but this is quiet also. He then got some part time work with a friend of his who owns a car body shop nearby which was fine for the moment and this friend said that come Christmas it could be full time. Anyway another man who works there is very flaky and tends to go off for weeks at a time not turning in for work and not contacting the work, that is exactly what has happened for past week and a half, not turning in and not phoning but luckily for my OH that meant he has been working all week the last few weeks helping take the cars apart and prepping them for paint instead of just shot blasting the wheels, there was talk of him going full time now and that the other man was going to get sacked. Obviously I was pleased as it meant he had work again. Then the end if last week it turns out he has now taken on another lad to help with body work full time who is trained which is fair enough, OH just went back to wheels and helping with body work when needed. Tonight OH comes home to tell me that the man who hasn't been turning up has turned back up today saying he has had depression or something so the friend of my OH wont sack him now so my OH has got the the boot instead as the man who just turned back up is now doing the wheels! I am absolutely furious!

    Next part my OH then tells me him and his dad have got a farm shed to do in Oban (way up Scotland for those who aren't sure) starting this Wednesday and they will be away rest of the week. I understand we need the money but cue me bursting into tears at having to be left alone for the rest of the week and now worrying about how on earth we can afford the nursery furniture. We don't live together yet but he stays during the week and is planning on moving in when baby is here, I don't qualify for sure start grant even though I am on income support as I already have DD who is 5 but I never bought any furniture as I had little sisters and my mum loaned me everything but with her having another baby a year ago I can't borrow the stuff again and she isn't talking tot me anyway with not being happy about the pregnancy.

    Sorry it's long just feeling very frustrated!!
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    Big hugs. Join your local freegle/freecycle you will be surprised what you can get free from people locally. Also try ebay for cheap second handfurniture you really ddon't need a huge amount. You need a Moses basket for little one to sleep in and a new matress for it. You will in around 6 months need a cot too and as long as you can clear space in a drawer somewhere for your babys clothes and bits you don't have to have a fancy changer wardrobe or chest of drawers also when people offer to buy you gifts maybe have a wish list they can then either club together for a bigger item or buy some of the smaller more affordable things giving you extra money. Try buying at car boots or off free ads or local papers too, You may qualify for benifits too so ring the cab and find out it certaintly sounds like it to me. You can also see if there is anything in your life you can cut out to make things easier sky packages broadband even doing comparisons on gas and elec can save you money too. I think everything seems worse when pregnant and its going to be a worry no matter what money you do or don't have you will always wish u had more. You will manage though and with lots of love your baby and you will be fine. Big hugs it sounds very difficult and frustrating but I beleive you can do it lots of love xxx

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