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    I posted the other day about my LG being sick at the same time every night and stated that I didn't think it was a bug, but it turns out it was! She caught it from her cousin who I didn't know had had the sickness and diarrhea bug until we'd been with them for 2 hours when my sister confessed. She said he hadn't been ill since Sunday and it was Wednesday when We saw them so I assumed it would be ok, but crossly told her I wish she'd told me before because I would've rearranged. Saturday I took my LG to my parents pick my little sister up. She hadn't been sick since the early hours of The morning but she was totally fine in herself , no temp, nothing so I really thought it was just from her jabs on Thursday that she had been sick. Both me and OH where violently ill on Saturday night into Sunday, was both rough yesterday although I'm ok today and OH is still pretty poorly. The reason why I feel terrible is my mum phoned me at 7.30 this morning to tell me that my dad was ill, so was my sister, and that my 100 year old grandad that lives with them was seriously ill too! I feel so guilty that my poor grandad is so ill, had I of known I never would've taken my LG round there :shock::shock:

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