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Feb 4, 2005
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went to a girls nite around at my cousins friday nite.... didn't stay late - left at 11.15pm.... i drank a full bottle of alchol removed wine!!!! it was 1.2%.... then last nite DH was off work so we had a nice meal and i got a little botle of normal strength wine.... i think you get 2 small glasses in it!!! i drank 3/4 of it with soda water over 2 hours... i woke up this morning feeling like crap!!! head ache - dry mouth!!! i don't think the wine would have done any harm to chick but i do feel really guilty.... I've had a glass of wine every now and again... never more than 2 glass a month.... but i've neve woke up with a mini hanger over from 1 1/2 glasses before! do you think i've over done it drinking the 1.2% stuff the nite before??? it's advertised as non alcholic...

Just been out for a huge bottle of orange, mango and passion fruit smoothy... gonna over do it on the fruit juice today!!!

Aww Hayley, don't worry. I know people who drank as normal throughout their pregnancies (though I would never go THAT far).

Did you have a lie in this morning? I find I feel head achey and dehydrated on more than 8 hours sleep these days!

I had a big glass of wine Friday, over about 2 hours, and I started to feel hot and giggly. Then had a MAJOR guilt trip imagining baby was drunk!

We need to relax a bit, I think it's just that guilt gene all mothers have flexing it's fledgling muscles!
Hayley hun don't worry, I am sure that you haven't put your chick to any harm. I haven't touched a single drop of alcohol since getting my BFP but some days I still wake up feeling like I have got a mini-hangover, being de-hydrated is the worst!! Like little minx said, it's all part and parcel of being pregnant :)

Hayley don't feel guilty you' have to get completely rat a***d for it to affect baby or drink every single night one now and again wont hurt, i didn't have any at all but thats simply cos i couldn't drink it on one occasion i fancied wine as soon as i poured it and went to drink it i was nearly sick lol
Hi Hayley,
Dont feel guilty. The odd drink wont do any harm. In fact the odd half guiness is quite refreshing! Lots of iron.
I had 1 white russian last night and it was very nice but it was a one off.

aww dont feel giulty i never had a drop since the day i found out but i hear it takes alot to harm a baby.
Once in a while is fine.
hunny dont beat yourself up about it everything will be fine xxxxx
The only alcohol I've touched since my BFP is half a glass of wine on Valentines day, but this morning I've woken up feeling hungover!!

I feel sick, headachy and really thirsty!!

Don't feel bad about it Hayley, I'm sure little chick is absolutely fine hun.
Hi Hayley,

Dont feel guilty, I have had the odd tipple every 2/3 weeks not a full glass but half wine mixed with orangeade.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I had one and half glasses of wine and i too woke up with a hangover, I couldnt even stomach breakie.

Dont worry to much I dont think you would have done any harm, as they say a little in moderation isnt going to harm our bundles.

Take care


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