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Feb 2, 2005
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hi girls

when did you first feel baby move? when i was preg with dior it wasnt untill 22weeks
now im 16weeks and feeling lil flutters :)
I didnt feel him till about 20 weeks but i have been told it can be much earlier with subsequant children!
Felt first flutters definately by 16 weeks, kicks by the end of 17 weeks, and OH felt kicks by 19 weeks. My first baby (to this gestation)
Felt a definite move at 19 weeks, but absolutely nothing before, not even the slightest flutter.
I think it was about 16 weeks but didnt really realise untill 18 weeks when he was going crazy and still is.....he seeto b most comfy in a transverse position....much to my horror....i only hope he doesnt stay that way!
i was about 16weeks when i started to feel it.
I felt the first definate kick at 19+3 and this is my first. I felt flutters from 16 weeks.
Now she is kicking me all the time and i wonder how she was ever so delicate to do flutters! :lol:
on first child i was about 16/17 weeks this time round felt first flutter at 14 and half weeks :D xxxxxxx
This time around I could feel fluttering at about 10-11 wks due to severe dehydration but defin more distinct around 14 or 15 weeks and then POW kicks at end of 17wks!! This is my fifth I knew what to look for when I felt it at around 10 weeks once I was rehydrated I didn't really feel it until the 14 or 15th mark.

xoxo Ree

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