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    To all those who are breast feedng or have breast fed their babies, can you give me some insight into which bra's are good and which aren't please? I've got to look at starting to buy them in a few weeks time but haven't a clue where to start.

    I know I want drop cup but that's as far as it's got :lol: What's best for comfort, best for wearing under normal tops, best for sleeping in, etc.

    Thank you in advance
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    hi sami

    i just bought a couple of packets of two feeding bras from mothercare when i had joshua. for nighttime i had some of those (they look like sports bras but they are not as supportive), and i wore them as a top for bed, of course with breast pads in them and i found these were the best to sleep in.

    you should get measured in mothercare for a feeding bra, and then maybe look on ebay. there is someone selling brand new M & S feeding bras at a fraction of the cost.

    mind you i found the mothercare feeding bras easy to cope with and after a few days i found that i could unhook feed the baby and then hook it back up with one hand.

    hope this helps.

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