fed up and teary :(

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by blueberrybaby8, Jan 11, 2016.

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    on my second bout of kidney infection...I'm just so fed up with feeling poorly, and in pain, feverish and tired. this poor little baby's put up with a lot and he's still kicking away, can't help but feel bad, my eating and sleep have suffered but I do try.
    Had a prescription of trimethoprim (doctors reassured me it was safe after my initial panic) but still seems to be lingering.
    Sorry for my whinge...I've been quite emotional with it all and finishing it hard to keep my head up, I really want to enjoy this pregnancy not be poorly :( and I worry about how this might affect him.
    Anyone else sufferening with recurrent uti's or kidney issues Xx
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    May 7, 2013
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    Oh that's hard.

    I've had kidney issues in the past (Kidney stones at 21 weeks in BOTH my last pregnancies)

    This time I gave a sample at 13 weeks which showed a UTI, but I had no symptoms other than an increased need to wee, which I just assumed was due to my uterus pushing on my bladder, until they rang me (at 14 weeks!) to say I had an infection.

    I was also bothered about taking the antibiotics so instead I took Apple Cider Vinegar in water twice a day and upped my fluids hoping it would help and I no longer need to wee loads, but I am going to the Drs in the afternoon and I'm going to ask them to check my urine again, if the infection is still there I'll have to take the antibiotics, I'm praying it will be clear though.

    I can't say it will help any, but my friend has started taking cranberry tablets and I've ordered some online and will be doing the same, I want to do everything I can to avoid any more UTI issues.

    I hope yours clears up soon. x

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