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Jan 9, 2005
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I have created this topic so that we have one main list of everybody's February 2006 due dates. You can then easily find other ladies who are due around the same time as you, if you feel that you would like to chat to somebody who is at around the same stage.

If you would like to be added, please make sure that you reply to this thread by clicking the
button (over on the left, just above my picture) and stating when your due date is. I'll update the list each time a reply is received, and the list will remain right here at the top of this thread so that it's easy to find.

(It's important to reply to this thread, as I may miss your date if you start a new topic. So just click the reply button above and let me know!)


Feb 1 ....... feenix
Feb 1 ....... poohbear
Feb 2 ....... davina
Feb 5 ....... petchy
Feb 6 ....... bella_t
Feb 6 ....... Niccinoonoo
Feb 8 ....... Lausie
Feb 10 ..... pips
Feb 10 ..... Sunshine
Feb 12 ..... ~Heather~
Feb 12 ..... ClaireSarah
Feb 12 ..... leigh_1982
Feb 13 ..... hels
Feb 14 ..... aggy
Feb 15 ..... ToriElla
Feb 16 ..... Flossy82
Feb 16 ..... Gem
Feb 18 ..... veryfluffybunny
Feb 26 ..... scfiguregirl04

Best wishes,
Laura B
i'm due on 5th february (date may still be adjusted though!)
Hi, i'm due 12 Feb 06. - Sadly no longer, good luck to all other feb mums!

Claire xx

I am due on 10th Feb 2006, but if past experience is anything to go by sometime in January is more likely!

Seems like ages away but time sure flies - will be here before we know it.
Hello this is my first time on a forum, im 22 and 9 weeks pregnant.
i have a 4yr old daughter already and cant wait for febuary 2006.
I would love to talk to any one who's baby is due around the same time.
Hope to hear from some one soon. :D
Hi poohbear, welcome to the forums :D

Have you got a due date yet? If so, let me know and I'll pop you on the list.

Best wishes,
Laura B
Hi, my name is Michelle. I am due on Feb. 26, 2006. Hope to meet and chat with some of you moms. Good luck and CONGRATS!!
Hi im Hels and im due on feb 13th. Be nice to chat to others who are due simlar time, its my first baby, and im so excited! :D
Quite a few people due around the sametime, hope to speak to all of you soon.
hello i was woundering if u will put my baby due date on ur sute plz my baby is due 18 of feb i am so excited because it is my first child thanx you so much
hi its poohbear just thought id keep you updated on progress.
10 weeks and 4 days.
So far every thing is going great, i have been feeling sick but so far i have not thrown up.
i have got sentive teeth, but apart from that no symptoms.
got my first scan july 26th.
please keep in touch on how things are going. :D

I think i'm 9 weeks pg, i haven't had it confirmed yet but I'm at the doctors tomorrow. I think my due date might be feb 14th but I don't know for sure yet!

Vicky x
I am due feb 12, although if little one is anything is like me it will be a couple of weeks early!

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