Faint positive and brown discharge?!

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Carlyy4, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    My period was due on 27/06/16 and its never normally late so i did 2 pregnancy tests that day and they both came up clear positives. I did another one the next day on 28/06/16 and it was clear positive aswell. I then did 2 more on the 30/06/16 and they were both clear positives. I did another one the next day on 1/07/17 with the same result but started getting very light brown discharge type stuff when i wipe. I then did one pregnancy test a day for the next 3 days which all came up clear positives. Ive had the light brown stuff every day and still have it now. I did a pregnancy test today on 15/07/16 and it was positive, the line is clear but not as dark as any others ive done. I also did another one this morning 16/07/16 and it was abit more faint than yesterdays. Its my first pregnancy and from searching google too much im just worried if im having an early miscarriage and the lines are just going to get fainter until its not there anymore?

    (Left is 16/07/16 right is 15/07/16)

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    Oh I know it's so hard :( It's so difficult to know but try not to panic. I know that, even though you're using the same tests, the amount of dye in them can vary so I wouldn't necessarily read too much into those results. I got my first faint positive at 9 dpo, it disappeared over the next few days so I thought I had lost it, but then a week later I tested just incase and it was positive again! Has the discharge gotten any darker, or redder over that time? It sounds innocent but I think the fact you've been getting it consistently for 2 weeks warrants a blood test to determine hug levels and whether or not they're rising.. at least then you'd have some solid idea of what your body is doing. Call your GP tomorrow sweet and ask them to do it. Fingers crossed for you it all works out xx
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    Hi Carlyy4 and ladies!

    I'm kind of going through the same as you Carlyy4 with it being my first and googling scary stuff lol!

    I'm new to here and I really need some extra brain power if possible!

    So ok, I will try make this as simple as possible ...

    I came off the implant June 9th 2016, and had no bleeding until July 7th 2016 (14th was my usual period start date before the implant) so I just presumed I had started early and I was happy my body was finally back to normal again.
    My fiancé and I were/are TTC.

    I started using my phone period tracker apps to see when I'm fertile and ovulating and filled it in that I had the period on the 7th June. This then worked out I was fertile from 17th June (today) until the 21st when I ovulate ...
    I then had a slight bit of spotting yesterday and decided to just try a cheap pregnancy test as I 'felt different' and low and behold it came back Positive (taken another today by ClearBlue and it was positive with 2-3 weeks conception on the window) so this would make me 4-5 pregnant....

    I'm so confused?! I have had a miscarriage before but if I have miscarried and the HCG levels are just still high, then why no pain? My last MC was horrific.

    Hope someone can help, I will be ringing doctors tomorrow just to work out if i'm pregnant or if I've miscarried with the bleeding on the 7th and test is still just catching the HCG


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