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May 26, 2005
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Does anybody know when a baby's eyes change colour? Or does it vary? Just dying to know if Naomi will have green eyes like me or will she continue to be the spitting image of her Dad with his baby blues?


I have been wondering that as Seren's eyes are still blue, mine are green and her daddies are brown (want her to have my eyes as she looks so much like OH if it wasn't for the fact I was there when I gave birth I wouldn't think she was anything to do with me :D ). My HV says between 8 weeks to 3 months but anothewr book I have read says up to six months so I guess I'll have to wait x
I went and looked it up and six months seems to be the concensus...

Brown seems to be more dominant than any other colour, though green is apparently more dominant than blue. I found this fun tool on the internet which says that out of six possible children of myself and OH, four will have green eyes! :D :D :D :D :D

Hehe I was feeling much the same as you beanie, she's so like her dad I was wondering if there was any of me in her at all!

Check these out!

http://museum.thetech.org/ugenetics/eye ... lator.html


Hmmppphhh!!! According to the first site out of 6 children four will have brown eyes and 2 will be blue eyed. The green has been wiped out!! Still I wouldn't mind if she had blue eyes, my dad did and it would be nice if she did, (I love brown eyes but want her not to be her dad's twin :D )

The links were good fun :D
cool links sue.

eva's eyes are going really light blue in the middle. all my family have brown eyes and dh's have blue.

anyone elses babies eyes going lighter?
Cool sites...well we're all blue eyes and Damien's eyes have already turned to bright blue instead of dark blue. No surprises in guessing he will stay with blue eyes.
they start changing a 3 months and take up 2 2 years for their permant colour!

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