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Apr 14, 2005
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Just wondering who exercises and who doesnt. If you do exercise what do you do?

Im starting pregnancy Yoga in a weeks time, starting swimming soon and walking.

I currently own a horse but I am not riding or handling him although doing all the other jobs i.e. mucking out, etc. I find this has kept me slightly active.

i don't do any exercise.. never have. I was happy with my size 10/12 figure. My stomach was always flat... but i'm begining to worry now! what if things don't go back. I'd like to know what exercises pregnant women can do without causing any harm to the baby! i'm going to take up swimming. I'd like to do aqua erobics.. might keep my eye out for a class...

Me too Hayley. I was feeling really bad reading others posts on how much excercise they did until I read yours! You've cheered me up knowing I'm not the only one who doesn't excercise! :lol: I've never even set foot in a gym!

Eveadel - where did you find out about pregnancy yoga? I've never been very flexible (have never been able to touch my toes), but would like to do something to keep me more supple. It's either that or swimming, but I'm a little worried to go during the kids fun splash session!!! Do most pools do aqua-natel?? Sorry for all the dumb questions! :roll:
Hiya girls,

I did a search on the internet for the yoga and found a lady holds Pregnancy Yoga 2 miles up the road, the classes are very busy so I have enrolled already.

Aqua natal in my area is abit harder to find and the nearest class is 1/2 hr a way.

I personnally feel that to help labour and prepare yourself for your new baby you need to be physically and mentally fit.

I am going to order some hynotherapy cd's which will help mentally and so will yoga.

By the way I am really nervous and worried about labour so I just want to do as much as I can to make it a more enjoyable experience!!
Hey girls,
Do you find that when you walk you're out of breath.
I have a 10 minute walk to my train station and I feel exhausted when I get there.
If I talk to much and to quick I get out of breath!!!!

And aching legs!!! I have to go up 2 small flights of stairs to the kitchen at work, and find myself having to stop halfway up!!

Thanks for the info on the classes, I'll have to go surfing (on the net that is!!!! :wink: )
I had recently taken up Yoga before I got pregnant but because of the bleeding I had in the first trimester and I felt rubbish, I didn't go.

I've just started the classes again at work, they hold classes during lunch breaks. The instructor is great, she's shown me all the safe alternative positions for pregnancy.

There are specific yoga classes for pregnancy in many areas but I've found that they run the classes during the day time and the aqua natal classes which I wanted to attend, so they're not an option for me.

You've got to be careful not to raise your heartbeat too hight and get hot and bothered so you need to be sensible about what you do.

Yoga is fantastic for the mind and body, I'm a total convert. I need to get myself a dvd to do some more at home.
Im actually quite excited to start my exercising as I have had to wait until 14 weeks so I feel more pregnant now!!

I was speaking to my cousin today who has 3 children and she said with regards to exercising 'you would not do a marathon without the training'!!

Hi Everyone,

I am very jealous of all of you able to exercise.. I would love to but due to my history of m/c it is strictly forbidden. Fortunately I have a dog that needs walking twice a day so I do get out a bit but its quite frustrating as I used to jog 3 miles every day.. my legs now have turned to jelly and am feeling very unfit and unattractive.

I would love to start yoga, my sister is about to take an instructor course but again my consultant has advised against that too.. booo hooo.

I guess I am just destined to become an overweight, unfit mum to be!!! But hey.. will be worth it if all is well with my little Bod!

Hi thr.I'm 21w & only feeln up to exercise now.By exercise I mean a little walking every day,at a slow pace. I felt too tired & breathless in 1st trimester. I feel so unfit compared to how I used to be. I used to run & walk & hike.Got preg end last Jan & lost baby May. Got preg again a few months later. Feel like my body isnt my own anymore. It's tough but I just keep telling myself it will be worth it when we see our little baby's face. Not starting antenatal classes till April hope thats enough? Do classes really help?
Lorrie :?
Anne Marie and Lorrie, it is best for both of you to avoid exercise I would say as you both have had very sad times before. Im positive for you girls this time xx

Walking is very good excersise though, so you are getting some exercise. Always best to follow the advice of the medical profession on these matters.

My midwife said it's not recommended to start pregnancy yoga and aqua natal classes until 20 weeks usually, I've read this a lot as well. I wonder if that's to make sure that everything is OK at the 20 week scan first.
Oh Bagpuss17, I abit worried about starting Yoga next week now. Do you think I should call my midwife??

Eveadel, call your midwife if you feel you should but try not to worry too much about it.

I told her that I had already started my classes back up and she said that so long as the instructor knows you are pregnant and adapts the movements for you, there shouldn't be any problems.

My instructor is fab, I'm just doing half poses and listening to my body, if I need to rest I rest (I haven't needed to much with doing the half poses). I feel so much better for doing yoga again.

Just be sensible and don't be tempted to do as much as your used to doing!!

There's a lady at our class whose 6 months pregnant and she's still going to the gym as well.
all you people exercising are making me feel bad lol cant remember the last time i did much exercise i suffer with asthma which is getting worse the bigger i get must try and make the effort to go swimming at least :(
Hi ladies :D
Ive being going to yoga since before I got pregnant and im still going during give or take a few wakes when Ive felt crappy. My instructor knows im pg and gives me a nod when Ive not to do something but I think your body knows and I dont do anything on my tummy.

Our area is really crap for pregnancy excercise classes.

I also run after a looney tunes toddler most days which involves a lot of bending, stretching and hugging. We go to the pool a lot which I love as i feel light in the water.


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