Everytime i take a test its a faint line.

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by NilufarAhmed, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Hello everyone, ive been trying to conceive since march 2014.

    Ive suffered from irregular periods, and it didnt help with my husband working away at inconsistent times of the months. I made use of a phone app to help see if there was some sort of pattern to when i could predict im ovulating so i could try and conceive. According to the app we did have intercourse at around the time we predicted ovulation. My period was due a week ago last week, and just out the blue on friday i randomly decided to do a pregnancy test. And a faint positive line showed up. I showed my husband who didn't want to raise his hopes and told me to ring my aunt, who confirmed i was pregnant. I couldn't believe it, and went to work but bought another two tesco pregnancy test and i tried another one at work and it had a faint blue positive line. My best friend who is actually 13 weeks herself told me its best if i did a clear blue test. And i did one after work and it told me that i was pregnant and 2-3 weeks. Because by the time i had finished work, it was too late for me to submit my urine sample at my gp, so all im going by are my pregnancy tests. I managed to submit one yesterday, but i wont get the results until thursday. But because it hasnt sunk in that im actually pregnant, i cant help but take tests. I used the spare tesco one, and found a few of those strips thst you dip into urine.

    But the lines are still faint, not as strong as the control line. I did one today, and the control line showed faster than the test line. And i keep thinking theres something wrong with me.

    Can someone help explain this. Until i hear it from the doctors i wont be fully convinced, but now that the lines arent as strong as the control line, i keep thinking theres something wrong.

    Tia xx nilufar xx
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    It sounds normal for early pregnancy. The cheap tests often dont show stong lines until you are 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I only had the test line show faster than the control line at about 6 weeks. Different brands vary. If you take a test and then take one of the same brand 3 or 4 days later and the line has actually gotten lighter then I would be concerned.
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    Sounds like your definitely pregnant, especially if you've got a 2-3 or a Clearblue digi, the test line is going to be lighter until you are a bit further on sweetie
    My tests were like that
    Congratulations :)


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    If you saw 2-3 weeks on a clear blue you are pregnant. Congratulations. Btw don't expect much from your GP he/she will (speaking from my own experience) test your blood pressure & give you an appointment to see the midwife when you're approx 8 weeks. She didn't even ask me for a wee sample to test if I was even pregnant 🙊. Congratulations xxx

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