Everyone wanna know my amazong news!


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Apr 23, 2005
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Hi all.
I have just found out that my lil sis is pregnant. Congrats to her. Her edd is exactly the same as mine. How weird is that. Anyone else ever experienced this?
Hi Dani,

Thats very strange, I dont know of anyone who has experianced that before, it will be good for you two at least you have someone close you can go through things with! Its going to be expensive for your family though!!

Good luck and congrats to you both

Natalie x
Thanks natalie. I hope all goes well for you too. I am busy building a new website at the mo. there is not many pics on as i am busy uploading them. y not take a look. you should do something like that. Its great fun, well if you have the time x
Thats good news. I know of astrange one too my friends are twins and had babies 5days apart last year one was ttc one wasn't and they found out they were pg on the same day too, spooky
same happens to my twin sis and sis younger than her they both had boys last month and only two days...my mum is going crazy with two garndsons to look after with two daughters.in our culture after child birth mother has to spen 40 days round thier parents not with thier parents....
anyways avery one is happy.
sorry there....no with their husbands. and both of them r two days apart in birth.
Well i am an only child so i couldnt have the same thing as that but my baby is due on my birthday!! how funny is that!!! great birthdat present tho!! 20 and a baby!!

Liann And Sweetpea

My bump is due 3 weeks after my birthday, but we all think my dates are wrong which means bump will be due a week before, and in all likelyness could well be born on my birthday!! :lol:

Little sister is only 12 so hoping she doesn't tell me the same news!!

I once heard about twin sister who found out they were expecting on the same day, and gave birth 2 hours apart (think it was in america though).
How funny - my baby is due 2 days before my birthday - you never know......!
Mine is due on my brothers birthday
Hey dani200420052000 I was always wondering what does EDD stand for?
Hi Nikki

EDD stands for Estimated Due Date or Estimated Date of Delivery (same thing really).

There is a list of useful abbreviations on the 'helpful information to get you started' section - I was starting to feel a bit stupid when I didn't know what things like 'DH' (Dear Husband) and 'BD' (baby dance) meant, but found this thread most informative!

No I'm the only one out of all my 4 sisters who is pregnant right now....the youngest is 11, two are gonna be 17, and my oldest sister is like 23-24....but I'm hoping my older sister gets pregnant soon, think that'll be neat! But my cousins (Justins) sister (Beth) is due 1 week from my due date. (I say my cousins sister instead of my cousin because Justins my cousin, Beths not.....they got different dads, same mom, Justins dad is my moms brother!
(Not that it matters....I just didn't want to be corrected).

will be 21 on 7/30
Husband (Jon) will be 27 on 10/12
Hi all my due date is 8th Jan, my fiances sister annouced the month before we got pregnant that she was pregnant, I knew they were trying and was thinking I want to be pregnant too, funnily enough it would have been that same weekend we concieved so our babies are about a month apart!

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