Ever heard of MEDISANA Infrared Ear Thermometer?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by futuremum, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I am looking for a good ear thermometer but as always you have such a range of them that if I start to look at the criteria of all of them I can spend weeks doing this lol

    Ever heard of medisana? Is it any good?It is said you can measure body temperature as well as liquids and ambiant air.

    By the way, is there anybody who knows if the new Avent electronic breast pump is any good? It looks great to see you can use both manual and electric and to use either main or batteries and it is apparently a quiet one but if any of you have experienced one, any feedback would be great!!!! :D

    Sorry if I am asking 2 questions in the same post and if it is not in the right section of the forum :D
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    I've never heard of Medisana but I know Mothercare sell a Tommee Tippee one that can read temperature of your babies forhead from 2.5cm away, their bottle, or nursery etc. It's not bad at £25, but then I don't know anyone who has owned on and I haven't bought it yet.

    Sorry I can't help anymore than that hun x

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