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    Op. Dr. Yakup Avşar, without breaking the nose of surgical, painless and without a buffer to make the micro-cutting method invented wounds. Operations of its own design using the apparatus Dr. Who want to be painless, Estetik to Avşar patients from all over the world is coming to Istanbul.
    Op. Dr. Yakup Avşar, has developed a micro-cutting and rasping with the method of micro-surgery on the nose all over the world is considered the authority. Dr. With the new techniques applied in the nose aesthetic Avşar patients can leave hospital the same day. During the operation, a buffer is not painless and comfortable for the surgery goes. Dr. To be operated around the world to Avşar side is coming to Istanbul from the patients. Dr. Avşar, the nose is described as aesthetic revolution in the method contributes to health tourism.
    Signature aesthetic nose in Turkey
    Op. Dr. Yakup Avşar around the world the method has attracted great interest. Patients themselves feel uncomfortable and adversely affect the external appearance of the disorders for which Dr. Does it apply to Avşar. Nose, as well as aesthetic and social life affect a person’s speech to the communication problems that cause breathing problems if there is at this point apply septorhinoplasti operations.
    Este from the successful clinical Op. Dr. Method using video endoscopy Yakup Avşar operations. Quality control and aesthetic use of nasal endoscopy in the video is very important açsından education. In this way, every stage of the operation is carried out under quality control. Technology with magnification endoscopy method provides the smallest detail is not overlooked.
    Op. Dr. Have applied the technique for Yakup Avşar educational conferences performs so that doctors in the international arena to promote awareness among the target method that is expressed.
    Without breaking the nose surgery
    Op. Dr. Applied in the nose of the technical and aesthetic Yakup Avşar practices without a trace in the nasal tip is being formed. With this method, conventional methods can be applied in the nasal bone shaped crack and crash risk to be caused by the vote has disappeared.
    Dr. Avşar, this technique of the greatest advantages of the old methods used in the rasping roughness and related operations as occurring after the swelling and bruises are in front of the elegant and the rasping of the bone disorder and was destroyed during the operation or the surgeon evaluated the outcome of the increased chance, he said.
    Less postoperative swelling, no less have enough pain and discomfort, not put buffer between the advantages of convenience counting Dr. estetik. Avşar, operational failure with this method would move the minimum point, revision operations, and that very little occurred in the nose aesthetically ever, the success rate increased realization design operations, he said.
    Avşar, especially in this method, the curvature noses, blow noses received, over the young and middle-age people realized very successful results in the nasal estetik is emphasized.
    Dr. Yakup Avsar ,
    Ebulula Mardin Caddesi Menekşe Sokak Numara: 1
    Levent / İstanbul Telefon: 0212 270 09 93 pbx
    Fax : 0212 270 08 93
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