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    am not sure where to post this, so I have posted it in the "routine " section as well. so, sorry if you read it twice!

    For nearly 2 weeks, Maheen has been sleeping much better at night, only waking up every 4 hours for her fee, and we have gradually increased the feed to 120ml of formula.

    But for 2-3 days, she has shortened her sleep again, to approx. 2 hours only during the 4 hours inbetween the feeds. and even less during the day!!! I have added the hours up, and I make up she only sleeps 12 hours max. per 24 hours!!!! :shock:

    She finds it harder and harder to fall asleep on her own, she is fine if DH keeps her on his chest, or me, but will wake up as soon as we try to put her flat in her cot!
    I am worried she is not getting enough sleep, or get over-tired and can't get to sleep!
    She was doing so well, and now, it's all gone out of the window!!!

    Is 12 hours sleep enough for a 3 weeks and a half old? :?
    Am i right to get worried?

    Also, is 120 ml of formula enough? After each feed, I find her tummy is quite bloated, butmybe it's normal, it's full, but she does not struggle at all to drink it down!! On the formula box, it only gives advice on quantities for 2 weeks old babies and then jumps straight to 2 months old!! :shock:

    What do you think?
    mel xx

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