Elective C-section — general anesthesia ?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DianaSych, May 20, 2020.

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    May 20, 2020
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    Hi everyone!! I’m 22 weeks along. I’ve been thinking about my birth plan a lot lately and every time, I can’t help but break down. Sorry for my language lol but I’m so *** scared... I have anxiety for which I was on clonazepam for, (it’s really bad) and now I’m on a different prescription which also “helps” with depression. One of my triggers now is giving birth. I know I want an elected c-section, but I don’t know if I’m able to opt for general anesthesia during my delivery. On top of this, I am my mother’s first born and she almost died while having me and pretty much had some kind of issue during all of her pregnancies. I already have had terrible menstrual cycles, fainting from the pain and it completely obstructing my life for a couple of days each month. I haven’t been to an ultrasound to see if it is endometriosis or something like that. My family doctor did say I have mittelshmerz or however you spell it. I don’t know how or if that relates to how I will be able to deliver, but I am going out of my mind at this point. I am past terrified now... I can’t even imagine the day without fighting this uncontrollable crying and worrying. I have had LASIK, which is a surgery I had to be awake for, which was very very very traumatic for me. I just don’t know how to even bring this up. I literally haven’t been to my first ultrasound because I AM TERRRIFIED. I don’t know why I can’t just MOVE. I’ve only been to an emergency ultrasound at the emergency room where I was diagnosed and treated for HG. During that ultrasound there is a 3cm cyst on my left ovary. Omg everything is so scary and messy in my mind right now. My intuition is just screaming NO, something terrible is going to happen. This feeling is so strong inside of me I just can’t fight it anymore. I can’t talk to anybody about this I’m having so much trouble right now I hope you’re understanding me
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    I’m not really sure what reassurance I can give you as I’ve never given birth.
    I am sure that every mum to be has the same fears and worries and obviously with your anxiety and history that fear is heightened and seems to be causing you extreme distress.
    I would strongly advise you discuss all of this with your midwife. They are trained for this and will hopefully work with you to answer your questions and offer you some professional reassurance. if you are too scared to attend an appointment then I know you can request telephone appointments. You might feel more comfortable expressing yourself over the phone rather than face to face. You can always read out your post here to your midwife if you feel stuck for words.
    wishing you all the best x
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    Sorry you are going through this but you really need to contact your midwife and explain how you are feeling.
    This will really help you.
    It is REALLY important that you go to your ultrasound, what one have you missed? The 20 week one? If so that is the most important scan as they take all the measurements of baby’s organs etc. Without these measurements they won’t be able to know how your pregnancy is progressing.
    You need to try and do this for your unborn child.
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    Sorry to be blunt but motherhood means looking after your baby, and that starts before they’re born! You need to do what’s best for them by sucking it up and going to your ultrasounds/appointments. I get you have anxiety but it’s not an excuse to not go to important medical appointments.

    Re your question, they generally won’t put you under for a c-section purely for mental health reasons - general anaesthesia carries a lot of extra risks that a spinal block doesn’t. You’ll be completely numb from the waist down so don’t have to worry about pain. They’ll usually only put you under if something goes wrong and you need emergency surgery. Talk to your midwife, she can probably refer you to someone you can talk to about what you’re so scared of. Giving birth is just one small part of her whole baby deal, you’ll have to find a way to deal with the fear.
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    I'm not sure what reassurance we can give you here, it sounds like you've got severe anxiety with specific situations and you definitely need to speak to your midwife or doctor about what you are feeling. I think missing your ultrasound is not going to help matters. Please speak to someone who can help you
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    Sep 4, 2021
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    To be honest I have never heard about this. Better to speak with a specialist and they will say if you have to do this.

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