Eleanor's super speedy arrival!

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    Well she's 10 weeks old now but I felt like writing out my birth story so here goes...

    Thursday 11th May I had a routine appointment with my midwife. She found my blood pressure to be a bit high so I was sent off to triage for monitoring. Thankfully it came down again and baby's trace was all good, so she agreed to give me a sweep and send me home but with the promise that I'd see my midwife over the weekend to get my blood pressure checked again.

    Friday 12th May I had a few niggles throughout the day and had the start of my show at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I never had this with Cam so it was a new and rather ewww experience! Lol! I contracted irregularly throughout Friday night and into Saturday.

    Saturday 13th May I was still having really irregular contractions that weren't all that strong or lasting very long. We popped in to see my midwife and my bp was slightly up again but not too concerning. She examined me and gave me a sweep and I was surprised to learn that those niggles had actually been productive as I was dilated 3cms.

    We left my MW appointment at 12 and I called my mum when I got home to arrange for her to have my son. At this stage there was no urgency and I just said to pop in once she'd had her lunch. In fact we even discussed us dropping him out to her at one stage!

    Well, from there things went a bit crazy! My waters went at about 12.50 and I called the birth centre to ask to go in as although my contractions were still irregular and lasting less than a minute, they were pretty painful! By the time my mum arrived at about 1.20ish I was draped across the dining room table and by the time she left a few minutes later I was in a heap on the floor! I remember thinking to myself, I don't know how I'm going to physically get to the hospital like this. Hubby put my shoes on for me and off we went.

    My contractions became more frequent and very strong but still irregular. We were half way to the hospital when I found myself pushing at the end of a couple of contractions!! Hubby drove the car like a pro racing driver all the while telling me not to push and to breathe! I constantly felt like I needed a wee which was getting more intense as time went on. We arrived at the hospital and I began to feel really panicky. The guy on the desk that let us in to the birth centre looked terrified! Lol! I clung to my midwife for dear life telling her that I felt pushy and really frightened.

    We were admitted to the birth unit at 2.10pm and I went straight through to the toilet while the MW began to fill the pool. I told her I couldn't wee but really felt like I needed one and she told me it was probably just baby sitting there. I had another contraction and began to push. It was to a whole other level than the pushing I'd felt in the car and there was no way I could stop it or control it. I stood up and MW told me she could see babies head - there was a mirror opposite the toilet where I was stood so I could see her head too. I pushed again and Eleanor was born! The time was 2.12pm! We'd made it to the birth centre just 2 minutes before she arrived!! One red light, one bad patch of traffic, or if my mum had decided to have 2 slices of cheese on toast instead of one and I'd have given birth to her in the car!!!

    I shuffled through to get on the bed where it took 25 minutes to deliver the placenta and then I got my stitches for a second degree tear. We bf for well over an hour and a half and once she'd finished she was weighed (7lb8oz) and went for skin to skin with daddy while I went for a shower. We got Eleanor as dressed and my mum bought Cam in to meet her. He was besotted with her and has been ever since! She scored major points for getting him dinosaur Lego!

    I chose to stay for a night for bf support which ended up being a waste of time as yet again my boobs aren't working properly! My bp was still up so I was sent home on meds to bring it back down again.

    Eleanor lost over 10% of birth weight and had significant jaundice and as I am again plagued by low supply we are formula feeding mainly but she still nurses from me (when she's not on strike that is!) So here we are ten weeks on and my little girl is thriving! I have (touch wood) managed to escape PND this time round and am enjoying each day with my amazing family and gorgeous rainbow.

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    Wow congratulations - sounds like you made irnrhere just in time. Well done and what a beautiful name
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    Aw wow that was a quick delivery!

    I bet it feels even quicker looking back.

    Lovely little eleanor is here at last and you did amazing. Well done!

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    That was quick, I always thought with my previous labour if it had been a bit wuicker I would have coped a bit better. I hope for a labour like yours this time!!!!
    You did brilliantly xxxx
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    Brilliant birth story, must have been scary in the car!
    Congratulations xxx

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