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    Hi all

    i am looking for advice I'm 36 weeks and pip my bump is breech well and truly its the 2nd time she has been. I have to wait for my next midwife app which i will be 36+3. if still breech they say they will send me for a scan to check and then look at offering me a ECV...
    by the time hospital get me in for scan its likely to be the weekend so i will be 37 weeks ... i have looked into EVC and I'm really not sure I'm ok with it. With the % of it been successful and her staying in the right position I'm not sure its worth it.

    I am slightly over weight to begin with, I have SPD and its my first baby... feel like there is a lot going on...

    am i mad to refuse the ECV and ask for an elective C Section??

    what experiences have ppl had??

    I'm going to YORK

    Thanks in advance
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    I believe you can refused an ECV.

    Exactly the same happened to me a few weeks ago. My MW actually missed the fact he was breech and it was me that was convinced. So i booked a private scan as i was planning a homebirth.

    He was breech! So called hosp and they arranged a scan to confirm on their end, again still breech.
    An ecv was booked for 37+6 but the day that came around he had actually turned himself! I went to the hosp, had the monitor for half hr, they did a quick scan before the ecv and he was head down.

    There is sill chance baby will turn themselves, im not even 100% sure when he did it! Which worries me as im now 39+1 and panic everyday that hes breech again!

    With my hosp if u have a planned section for breech they rescan u the morning of the section and if head down i think they can cancel the section and u can go on to have a natural birth if stil wanted xx
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    I had a similar situation when I found out my baby was breech.

    I was very much told to have an ECV and that I'd be contacted about it shortly, nothing was explained and after researching it I decided against it and refused. I didn't have any issues with refusal at all :) I just simply said no and they went ahead booking me in for a c-section.

    You're certainly not mad to refuse the ECV if you're not comfortable with it. I figured she was bum first for a reason so I picked the option that spared her any discomfort, as much as I really wanted to have a vaginal birth.

    As babyslog said, they do a quick scan before the section just to confirm that baby hasn't turned :)
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    Have a look on the website 'spinningbabies' for some other potential non invasive options for encouraging breech babies to turn as well if you want some ideas.

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