Eating with your little one (BLW)

Discussion in 'Weaning' started by Maud, Sep 4, 2014.

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    My little one is nearly 6 months old so we are due to start weaning soon (feeling sad that won't be ebf any more :-( )

    We intend to do baby led weaning and I've been planning meals we can eat that she can share bits of. The trouble is, everything I've read has said that blw works best if baby eats the same foods with you, but we don't eat our evening meal until after she goes to bed so she's never going to get to eat my carefully selected meals with us!

    We can switch our meals around at the weekends so we have a main meal together at lunch and then a light snack with her for dinner, but during the week she will be having her dinner by herself (I'll be sat with her of course).

    Is this going to cause us problems? Will she want to eat (or even just play with her food) if I don't eat at the same time? What if I eat something with her but something different to her (eg I might have some fruit or a yogurt)?

    I suspect I might be over-thinking this, but starting food is such a major development stage I don't want to mess it up!
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    Hey Maud we're going to try blw as well and I have just Ben thinking the same thing as Leo goes to bed around 6:30. I think I'm going to start off sharing lunch with Leo then move on to lunch and breakfast together. And I think he'll have to have his dinner by himself but I'll sit with him. X

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