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May 7, 2005
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hiya every 1 ,
I aint bin on for a while but id just lyk to say i gave birth prematurely on the 14th of November to a beautiful little boy Reaf Heart .The doctors say hes doin great and soon we might be able to take him home .Ive tryed pasting pics but they wont work so if anyones got any tips please tell me .
luv to all
Gemma ,Rich and baby Reaf
xx xx xx
Congratulations to you both hun, hope that your little boy is home with you soon. Great to hear that he is doing well. For posting pics I find www.photobucket.com the best way, you get a code which you copy into your post. I can't wait to see pics. Hope you are feeling well xxx
Congratulations sweetie - glad little one seems to be doing great.
How many weeks were you when you gave birth?

Wishing you the best and would love to see some pics soon xx
Hiya ,
I was 4 weeks prem .The drs said with the conditions and concequences in ma pregnancy it was more thna likley to be premature ,that was slightly worrying .Alls fine with baby Reaf now but he is still having to be kept in hospital on the special baby unit .But me n ma O.H are realil proud and i cant wait to show him off .
all ma luv
gemma ,Rich ,Reaf
xx xx xx
So pleased all is well hun. think you're the first to have a prem baby for a while now.
awwww thanx u all .Reaf is now off the ventalitor all the doctors are really suprised by the way hes been fighting .So are me and Rich but my lil one takes after his dad which means hes a lil tuffy lol but it also means he proberly going to be stubborn :p .
luv to u all
gem ,rich and reaf
:D :D :D That's fantastic news :D :D :D

Hopefully Reaf will be home soon xxxx

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