Early movements felt?????


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May 11, 2005
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I am just about 14 weeks and am totally convinced I can feel my baby moving alreay.

This is my third and I was about 16 weeks when I felt my second but am wondering if because its my third it could be earlier still.

Just wondered if there are any other Mums out there who have experienced the same. I have a friend pregnant with her third who also thinks she felt hers at about 13-14 weeks???

Much love
I felt the odd flutter from 14 weeks but only every couple of days, then they starting getting more often about 17 weeks. With my first I didn't feel her at all till about 19 weeks, so yes definetly earler this time round!
Yes, its only every so often but definate movement from in there!!
Sami was feeling movements around 14 weeks and it's her first so it does seem possible - especially if you are in tune with your body!!

I think I was 15/16 weeks but so easily forget. I know I was about 19 weeks when hubbie first felt a kick.

I am 20.5 weeks and still only feeling fluttering now and again, so it just shows everyone is different. I feel a bit cheated that other mums and feeling it sooner but as long as everything is ok (which it is according to scan last week) then I'm happy :D
I am quite a tiny person but I felt flutters at about 14 weeks - although they didnt get stronger till about 17 weeks and now the baby don't half pack a good punch! :lol:
i only felt it "for definite" a few days ago at 17+ weeks but had some flutters in the 1-2 weeks before that, from about week 16, which i wasn't sure if was baby or not. (it's my first)

my friend had her first baby last year and she said she felt him move from 14 weeks.

i think it's possible, especially if you are usually quite aware of your body.
Just been to the midwife and said to her about feeling the movements - she said it was perfectly normal with a third pregnancy to feel it moving by 14 weeks......nice to know I am not a nutter!!
we never thought you were a nutter!!! :D
I had my first 'proper' kick today, how exciting!!
Don't worry neither did I until 19 weeks, everyone is different, some don't feel it until 22 weeks. I was worried when people started feeling it earlier than me but we all get there eventually. :D
I am pretty convinced I can feel 'mini me' and I am only 14 weeks. I get fluttery feelings and I can't put it down to much else as its right in my abdomen. I guess a lot also depends on the position of the baby. :p
Hi guys,

I didn't feel any movement at all unitl 21 weeks, I also waited with anticipation for those flutters or kicks. Last night for the first time i actually saw the baby kicking form the outside, it was amazing, does it all really happen so close together, only first movement 2 weeks ago and now this?

I am small myself and my my bump is tiny, does that matter?

This is all quite reassuring. I saw a family friend this week who is expecting in early December and when I asked her when she first felt the baby move she said '3 months' and I felt quite upset as I haven't felt a thing and I'm 17 weeks!! She is quite small and slight though, so that must make a difference!!

I thought I felt a movement the other night - turned out it was just my OH twitching his fingers in his sleep ;o)
Hello everyone!
I felt first movements on sunday morning at 18 wks 5 days, it was a wonderfull feeling and luckily my hubby was there and could feel it too! Since then I´ve felt it move everyday and especially when I lay on my back.

Claudine xx
I'm 17 weeks and my baby has been very active lately - i think he/she is getting in plenty of excercise!!

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