early / latent labour?


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May 31, 2005
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i posted this in 3rd tri as well, but thought maybe there would be more people in here who can answer my question seeing as you're all already mummies!

has anyone experienced latent labour? how did it feel??

for the last few days i've had loads of pressure, and period cramps - but nothing regular. i've also had pains in the lower tummy that feel like trapped wind, but i'm not sure if that's what it is or if it's "something else" happening. i also get shooting pains/cramps down the top of my thighs on the inside towards the back.

i've not had a show or anything yet.

could this be latent or early labour? a friend of mine said it sounded like it could be and that it could go on for anything from a couple of days up to a week, but i daren't get my hopes up.

any thoughts appreciated!
I had lots of feelings like that towards the end and it was the baby pushing down, it bloody hurts. I had it for about 4 weeks in all and went 14 days over. Try to rest up hun :)
I'm not too sure what latent labour is. For weeks I had strong period pains and stomach cramps that also felt like trapped wind. I was told that it was baby moving down. I also was 13 days overdue, had 2 days of very slow labour as baby was back to back. I used to wonder if I would know if I was in labour and there was a definate difference, my contractions were more intense and would build up then go (that was the best bit). My contractions were in my back due to Seren's position.

I would say that something is definately happening though when actual labour will be it is hard to tell. I neverhad a show till I was in labour, I know that this is quite common. Hope that it all starts for you soon x
Hi Babe. Are you still waiting.?

Don't worry not much longer now

I had pre-labour for two days, but I was pretty definite it was almost the real thing because of the regularity and severity of my pains.

On monday night I was literally pacing up and down the lounge and kitchen with irregular contractions from 5pm until 5am, when i eventually gave in and had a hot bath (with the intention of either moving things on or slowing them down so that I could have a rest.)

Its difficult to tell whether this is what is happening with you, but I know how you feel exactly and can't wait to hear that your waiting is over.

Hopefully I will be able to find a slot every single day to log on here and check.

Fingers crossed babe

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