Early 30s, TTC baby 1 for over 1 year

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by JAC2201, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    Feeling low.

    This is cycle 13 and today I have that heavy AF feeling in my tummy. I also started spotting a little after intercourse last night.

    Why aren't I pregnant yet!!! I came off Cilest in October 2014 and my cycles are regular but I've been having some mid cycle bleeding a week before AF. I saw a Consultant and was told this is was hormonal and nothing to worry about. Bloods, ultrasounds and sexual screenings are all clear and we are having regular sex throughout the month. The Consultant said our chances off natural conception are high and to consider if we really want the stress of a fertility referral.

    I'm going to speak to OH tonight about getting a semen analysis although he already has 2 kids from a past relationship. When this is done I'm not sure there's much else we can do without referral.

    It's really making me depressed. All of my friends seem to get pregnant just by looking at their others halfs and people that started trying a lot later than us are already half way through their pregnancies.

    Anyone out there in the same boat or been in a similar position? I really didn't want to have to go down the referral route but feel it's our only option right now.

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    Oct 29, 2012
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    Hi Jac2201. I am 34 and ttc #1 too. I have been trying for 5 cycles now. I lost 5 stone in weight last year to help me conceive. Since weight loss my period has regulated and i am ovulating. Just like you i get down sometimes thinking why it hasnt happened yet. My husband has had a sperm test done and all was clear no concerns. I have been to my gp and will be doing hormonal blood tests at different times of the cycle. Gp aaid depending on the results she will then refer me to a fertility clinic. I guess we just have to do all we can and keep positive. Ita happening for other women it will happen for us too when the time is right. We just shouldnt give us and you never know the next cycle could give us the bfp we want. All the best.
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    Jun 21, 2015
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    Hi ladies.. I am 36 and trying to conceive #2, so not in exactly the same boat, but before I fell pregnant with my son Drs told me it was unlikeky I would get pregnant naturally as I have endometriosis, fibroids & ovarian cysts so was fully expecting to be in your position myself.

    Bizarrely though, we actually fell really fast that time yet for #2 we are really struggling (on cycle 10 now I think) even though we are both a healthy weight & test results are all fine.

    Trying to work out what is different now, my DH and I were on a low carb / high fat diet at the time we fell with our son, not for weight loss ourselves but because we were supporting my Dad on it (who had high cholesterol) and even after his levels came right down on the diet, we felt so amazing & healthy on it we kept going... and I honestly think it played a part in us falling pregnant really quickly! Having read up about fat since, I have learnt it plays a really important role in conception and refined carbs mess with hormone levels - so reducing the intake of those can be enough to help rebalance your hormones naturally and aid fertility (if you get mid-cycle bleeding I highly recommend trying it - as that is definitely a sign of wonky hormone levels - progesterone I think!)

    So if you fancy making any dietary adjustments before the prospect of more invasive Fertility treatments etc, I highly recommend low carb / high fat. We fell off the wagon once my son arrived as the lack of sleep etc makes carbs & sugar almost a necessity :) but are gradually working our way back to LC/HF now as we said if we didn't get pregnant in 2015 we'd start 2016 doing it.

    I also used to get mid cycle bleeding (from 10dpo) but started taking Agnus Castus in November & it has stopped now - so that's another natural way to rebalance hormones and worth a try.

    Are you using opks, temping or using sperm friendly lubricant? Those 3 things definitely helped conceive our son... and they are the 1st thing I advise anyone ttc to investigate!
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    Hi, yep, I'm 31 and we've been ttc no 1 for about 7 years now (!) on and off.

    I had mid-cycle bleeding too. Sometimes I would bleed all the way from ov to AF but doctors still shrugged it off. I pushed for a referral to a gynaecologist and had a colposcopy but that was OK so I was discharged.

    The bleeding continued, however, and we got a referral to the fertility clinic anyway. I felt something was wrong but didn't know what. A scan showed I had polycystic looking ovaries, but I was told this shouldn't prevent us conceiving and I did not have PCOS as I wasn't fat.

    After three failed IUIs and more spotting, I asked for an appointment with a consultant. She looked at my hormone profile and scan pics and told me I had typical PCOS and prescribed metformin! This was only in June last year... so frustrating.

    So, go with your gut and push if necessary. Spotting isn't normal no matter what the doctors say! Xx

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