Due 10th December!


I am due on 14th December so just behind you. I find being pregnant all very scary. Is it your first? It is my first

I'm due on the 3rd of December. This is my first baby and I keep having moments of pure panic. I'm very scared and I'm only 7 weeks! Mummy2b how do you stay calm when you feel scared? I worry that it's not good for the baby to keep having feelings of anxiety.

Hi! I'm due on 9th December but think they've got the dates wrong so think I'll be a little later than that. Well soon see when I go for my first scan I suppose.

This is my second pregnancy. Was pregnant this time last year but unfortunatly there were complications and I lost the baby. Am so excited about being pregnant again but won't let myself fully enjoy it because of what happend last time.

Does anyone else live in London?
Hi I'm Wendy. I'm due 16th Dec. This is my first baby and I'm so excited. Good to see others due at the same time for me to talk to.
Take care X :D
Hi I'm due 15th December glad to see I'm not alone! will be good to share experiences with you all as I'm sure everyone will being having different syptoms. :)

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