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May 19, 2005
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I have just taken on two ducks, they are lovely little things.

A distant friend of mine had them and he is no very responsable, was giving them beer to drink and doing all sorts of stuff that i was so annoyed to hear about.

So i took them off him, i havent decided yet wether to keep them for myself, or ask the rspca to ge them.

I have a big enough garden with a big pool they can use as a pond.

What i need to know is, i know your not allowed to touch litter trays while your pregnant, but i have not heard anything about birds?

any one know if its safe for me to keep them?

they are only young and have had such a haorrible life with this guy, i want to take care of htem and show them life can be good

Ive not heard anything but I guess its like anything you shouldnt handle their mess without gloves on..stuff like that. Sure there are thousands of women that have Ducks (farmers wifes come to mind) and have no problem whatsoever.

Good of you to take them on, poor little mites.

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxx
got them!!

they are soooo cute! very hungry too, dont think they have been feed for a few days by the way they were eating, bless them

we have set up a pond in teh back garden for tonight, tomorrow we are going to buy a big rabbit hutch and hay so they have a warm bed if wanted.

Also going to get some chicken wire and put it over the top (they are down teh side walk way of the house, its a dead end so they cant go anywehere), going to put the chicken wire across the top to stop any cats getting to them.

got to think of names now! they are both girls
So cute!! And very good of you to take them on. You must post some piccies!!

I will get some tomorrow when its light and post them :D
You should be fine with ducks, my mum had one when me and my brother were babies and it used to follow her around as if she was it's mother lol so just make sure they dont trip you up especially as you get bigger and more unbalanced on your feet.
I phoned a swan and duck rescue today, just to get advice on how to look after them and what they need etc.

everything she said means we would have to adapt my garden for them, coz they need grass, and my garden is paved.

they need a small shed to live in at night, we was just going to buy a big rabbit hutch.

So after all that, i have deicded to give them to the rescue, they will find a more suitable home for them.

im a bit sad, but at least i saved the mfrom teh life they were living, he was making them drink beer, getting htem stoned on purpous, and making them eat funny stuff that made there feathers turn orange :(

hopefuly now they will be rehomed in a bigger place and be happy
Am sorry you couldn't keep your duckies but you should be proud of yourself for saving them and helping them have a fab life. I want some ducks but have too many pets so think I will have to wait a while.

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