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Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by Everdreamer, Mar 6, 2020.

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    Ok so my OH went back to work on Tuesday & I've been a prisoner at home since then. My friend who was meant to be coming to see me today has bailed so I'm thinking of taking Marnie out for a walk.

    I am so anxious about dressing her though for the weather. It is supposed to be about 7/8 degrees Celsius here today & I'll probably take her in her car seat on the buggy instead of the carry cot.

    What would you recommend she wears? I'm paranoid about her being too hot or too cold & I can't take her anywhere in a car atm as I'm still in pain from my C-section.

    If I did use her carry cot, should I put her moses basket mattress in it & cover her with blankets as apposed to the really thick carry cot sleeping bag thing?
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    I was always told baby should be in one more layer than you. A blanket folded in half counts as two layers.

    I would use the carrycot rather than the car seat as it's much better for them to lay flat. My carrycot came with a mattress so it will depend on what pram you have whether you need one or not.

    I had a November baby and I think I'd have had vest, baby gro, coat and hat with a blanket folded in the carrycot. Hope that helps.

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