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    Hi ladies,

    To cut a long story short, in the early months, according to the date of my last period, I thought I was 4 weeks in front of what my 8 and 12 week scan indicated. (This is my first baby). As time has gone on, everyone at work (I work in a hospital) has been commenting how huge I am for my gestation. Today I had my first measuring of fundal height with the mw and I measured 30 cm nearly 5 weeks ahead. The mw made a consultant appointment for later this week for his opinion, anyone had experience of this, esp with a first baby? I have always felt my LO would arrive in Feb, but gestational diabetes is at the back of my mind. Been a rubbish week as I was admitted to MAU on Thursday with a suspected pulmonary embolism :sad:
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    I was polyhydramnios with my son (excess fluid). At 26 weeks I was measuring 36. The day before my waters went I was 38+4 measuring 55 weeks! I was freakin huuuuuge!

    Baby was normal size and he was having a ball in there lol His own personal swimming pool lol

    I still had to have the diabetes check though. They did this before I had the scan to confirm the fluid, even though it was a private scan that picked up the fluid!!!

    Try not to worry hun, whatever is causing you to measurer ahead they will look after your LO really really well xxx

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