Dollar Tree opk tests? O question.

Discussion in 'OPK Testing Gallery' started by Femalehuman91, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I am on CD 13. (Two hours till 14 :/)

    Im 22 and have pcos and my Dr is giveing me two years before its serious.
    So we decided to TTC before fertility treatments and surgery come to play.

    This is my first month off of birth control which I was taking to help with pain. I took Soy isoflavones CD 4-8 140mg. Along with folic and vitamins. My sister who has been TTC for 5 years tried this and got pregnant first shot. She said that it can make you ovulate later than normal.

    I have been useing the Dollar Tree choice opk tests. I have heard they don't give a positive till the few hour period when you get the LH spike before ovulation happens instead of gradual build up.

    But I am so confused with the results I'm getting and worried maybe they won't work when the time comes. (Silly I know) . I have been haveing ovarian pain since last night (I can tell the difference between cyst bursts and ovulation usually). It's getting a bit pinchy on the right side. As well as my EWCM has shown up and increased today (stretches about an inch). It's still a bit clumpy so I'm hopeing O has not happened and the pain is just my follicles building up nice and healthy.

    Any suggestions? I'm worried the test will fail me, has anyone used these? O build up pain or actual O?

    Sorry about writing so much I'm just worried. I have a condition that makes baby dancing painfull so I only want to do it when the time is best.:wall2:

  2. Hollyhotlips

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Hey sweetie, I've never used these OPKs in fact this is my first cycle using them and I've got FR ones. Do these work the same eg test line has to be as dark as or darker than cover line for a positive? They are looking very light at the mo, like mine were 3/4 days ago and I've still not at the positive OPK stage yet! Annoyingly! I would wait until that line is very dark then jump to it. Xx

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