Does the flow of a name matter?


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Jan 16, 2008
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Well we pretty much have the name sorted but the only prob is that we want to use mine and my OHs mums names as the middle name.

My middle name is my mums its like a familly thing so to me it would only be fair if we are using my mums name we also use my OHs mums too. BUT this would mean our babes going to be called

_ _ _ Bernadette Patricia Corbett

Is this too long the first name (its a secret) is a 3letter 2 syllable name.
i dont think its too much, its not as if you you will adress her by all the names, no one will. Its just nice to have them in there when their your families names.
My first sons name is Joseph Nathaniel Peter Mottershead! (he has now added Leo :roll: confirmation thing)
So no I dont think it is too long! :D
Mine is Allison Elizabeth Mary so dont think its too long.
Ava ??????

I think most of the time the middle names dont even get a mention, no-one knows mine really or has even bothered to ask until we got around to thinking of baby names for our lil one :D
didnt you already tell as it? isnt it Ivy? or am i thinking of someone else? :oops: i dont think it matters too much tho. coz middle names rarely seem like they are actually used now a days xx
sounds lovely to me!

Our girls name will be Sophie Marie-Ellen Monroe-Evans. so i wouldnt worry about the length or flow lol!
Ryan Zachary Nathanael... there's a goodun eh :D

(sorry ryan, he's gonna hate learning to spell)
I dont think it'll be too long anyway, and all the names i can think to fill in the gap sound fine.

You have to remember they will probably just be called _ _ _ Corbett, not the whole middle name thing too.

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