does anyone else have weird dreams about giving birth?


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May 31, 2005
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i've had a couple of really bizarre dreams about giving birth.

the 1st one was a couple of months back and i dreamt that i was asleep in my bed, then just woke up and felt baby's head between my legs - and hey presto! out he slid, no pain or anything! i caught him and scooped him in my arms and had a cuddle. it was so calm and beautiful, and i woke up crying with emotion. it was such a vivid dream, and i was disappointed to see my bump was still very much just a bump and there was no baby in my arms!

then last night i dreamt that i was at home with OH, and i started getting contractions. they were not painful or anything, i just felt pressure and they were uncomfortable. OH wanted me to ring for the MW to come out for our home birth, but i was convinced these contractions weren't the real thing as they were not THAT painful. so i carried on just breathing through them. then i felt this really really weird sensation between my legs and my waters broke all over the floor. so i decided to ring the MW. as i was on the phone to her, i felt baby's head crowning and just flung the phone shouting "i've gotta go i have a baby to catch, he's coming!". so the phone was on the floor and i was telling OH to "get a towel, quick!". and then i gave birth standing up, into my favourite fluffy bath towel. OH helped catch the baby and then i sat down on the floor and OH wrapped me and baby in towels and blankets, and i breastfed the baby until the MW arrived.

i do hope when it comes to the "real" thing that i was right in my dreams about the pain not being that bad and that the labour is as short as i dreamt it to be! lol - wishful thinking i suppose!

does anyone else have vivid dreams about giving birth??
When pregnant i kept dreaming i would give birth to a toddler!!! :shock: :shock:
If not that then the baby would just slip out!!! LOL yea right i wish it did!!!
I have had a couple of dreams where I gave birth and like you it was all very painless.

Wishful thinking I guess, but hopefully the memory of these dreams will come back and keep me calm. ooops, wishful thinking again! :lol:
My dreams are mad and have been through my whole pregnancy. I don't dream about the birth so much which is probably because I know what to expect but I keep dreaming of people telling me what it is and so far every dream has told me it will be a girl. So we'll see.

Last night I dreamt that there would be a bomb attack on london next wednesday which was really quite horrid as DH works in London most days and it was so real, I was trying to warn people and no-one would listen, weird eh??. I woke up in a right strop telling him not to go to work etc!!

I do have some crackers though, I think it's a normal pregnancy symptom!!

Why can't I have very sexy dreams envolving Robbie Williams, Will Smith or Jeremy Sheffield (played Alex Adams in Holby!!)!!!??? :wink: :wink:
Ive had loads of wierd dreams since ive been preggers but the wierdest one was this.......
I was in this big old building and i went in to with the rest of u i didnt feel the pain, then another one of me was outside the building going in to deliver me......there were two of me one giving birth and one being the midwife!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best bit had to be after the baby was born i looked at and felt my belly and it was the lovely 26 inch toned tum as it was pre preg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............there r reasons why dreams are called "dreams" lol
lol faye, we can but dream lol.

I dont have weird dreams but some very erotic ones later in pregnancy, very shocking at times.

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