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Jul 10, 2005
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Had my last appointment before my due date today.
The doctor says that im allr eady to have the baby now cervix is 1 cm, and the clear discharge ive been having is from the cervix opening, so i should have my show any time tonight or the next day or so.
She says she dont think ill go past saturday but made an appointment for monday just in case. Ive got all the numbers i will need to get a hod of her, so yay im so happy taht my times finally coming.
Im not gonna get too excited though just in case i do go over.
Oh is it normal to have a little blood after they check your dialation, I have some visiable on my panty liner btu not enough that i would worry about, it but should i let the doc know an dif any one had it how long should it last for??
Well i guess thats it fo rnow.
Katrina :D
hi hun,

hope it goes well for you, fingers crossed your doc is right and you do go in the next day or so.

my midwife said the same 2 weeks ago lol, she didnt make an apointment for last week coz she said i would have prob had the baby by then so she made one for this thursday instead, looks like i will be going to see her!

this baby is stubbon like me i think, had lots of pains over night, still getting them now, but nothing seems to be happening :(
fingers crossed for you both.

still nothing with me just the usual. at m/w tomorrow so we will see what she says. hopefully we all havent got long to wait now :roll: :roll: :roll:


Ya i know doctors can be wrong thats why part of me is excited and the other has to be realistic and realize that i might go over.
Hopefully someone has there baby before saturday though gee no ones having babies here!! Come on Layla the race is on lol :D
Oh good luck Charlie_Chalk tlet us know how your appointment goes tom.
Umm well i just rolled out of bed ive been sleeping so good despite wakin up every 2 hours to pee, but was in bed 9 hours compared to the 2-3 hours a day ive been having so i feel kinda energetic today.
Talk to you soon

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