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Jul 10, 2005
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I had my 37 week visit this afternoon, and the doc asked if ive been haveng any pain, then she commented how big i have gotten since the last visit. She checked the babys position and said she is still heads down and when she checked she said the babys head was really snug and far down and she said that she is gonna come earlier then we thought.
Her guess is by New years if not, next week!!!!!
Im so excited and hope she is right as ive been in so much pain lately and its getting unbearable, but i do know doctors often give you false information, so im trying to not get too excited but i cant help it, im also really nervous as its starting to hit me that i will be a mom very soon.

Any one else ever been told this and have them be wrong???
That is great news!! :D Unfortunatley my midwife said all was good I look big and it is no where near far enough down, although I do have about 2/3 weeks before it should arrive. i'm jealous.. Don't worry though this gives you time now to double check your bag and babys bag, make sure you have everything and make up babys bed and all the nice things. Keep busy but dont overdue it. Now I'm very very jealous!!! Thinking of you.
PS Whats the weather like?
HI there Katrina,

I am 38 + weeks and my doctor told me last week that my baby was also fully snug in there. My first question (in hope of a YES answer) was 'Does this mean the baby might come early?' He told me that that is not the case. Apparently, they can be down there and ready for a while. I know you won't want to hera this as I am not trying to bring down your hopes, just that our information is the same but with a different answer...

My next appointment is tomorrow morning so I will be sure to re-ask the same question again, as believe in me, I would be over the moon to have this baby NOW.... I don't want to wait another week and a bit or even more if I go over. I will let you know exactly what he says again.

Is it snowing there in BC?? I love BC and would love to be there over Xmas.... lucky you!!!

Hope things do happen for you soon though, as you seem really excited about it all. I will post you tomorrow.

Midwives have always been wrong for me....I really wouldn't get too excited (like I did) At least if you don't expect it, if it does happen soon you'll be nicely surprised. I was gutted when they turned out wrong for me:

First pregnancy: Delivery midwife..."oh yes, your doing so well, I'm bound to deliver you before I go home because you'll have this baby before I finish my shift"

Reality: She did deliver me.... THE NEXT DAY on her next shift.

This pregnancy: My midwife doing my sweep: "oh wow you're already 2-3 cms, there's no way you'll need to be induced, you'll start on your own in the next few days. "

Reality: 10 days later I was induced.


Well thanks for the info, i hate how different doctors say different things.
I went to bed at 2 last night and at 230 i woke up in pain, far down, and it hurt soo bad i couldnt move, bue stopped after an hour of on and off pain, so i thought she was coming lol, andi was so tired i just wanted to sleep, which i didnt fall back to sleep till 7 this morning. But if that hurt so much i hate to see what real labour is like.
Well the weather down here is rainy as usual, we usually dont get much snow here in Vancouver Bc and if we do it disappears after a day or two, usually i want snow but i can live without it this year as i cant play in it :(
But ya Vancouver is known for rain unless its summer.
So when your babys were this snug, did you or have you had horrible pains through out the night/day as well????,
Hope to hear from you all soon and hopefully one of us will get our wish.!!!!
Katrina xxx :D
My pains... have been down quite low, more sharp pains which do not last very long, maybe 30 seconds!!! Those pains are about where the baby's head is. I have also been experiencing an aching feeling around my rib cage area, not sure if it is due to the way I sit on this computer (which I am on all the time tut, tut!!), or not.

I mentioned in another post that I am being induced due to high blood pressure at 7am tomorrow morning. I have not gained weight in over a week now so I assume things might just be ready!!

Not liking the thought of being induced though!

hoping you are ok there!


My pains as well are about where the babys head is, and my ribs have really hurt this past month but this week has gotten so bad i cant sit stand or lay down, with out feeling it.
Congradulations by the way i must have missed that post!!!!!!
You must be so excited although you dont want to get induced just think tom, or early sat you get to meet your baby, i hope we get to hear from you soon, so we can see how things went and what you have had.

oh and try and get some rest today or you will be too tired.... at least you can really prepare now!!!

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