Do you have to come off the pill months b4 u ttc?


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Mar 29, 2005
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Hi there

I am not actually trying yet, but thought I'd get in early with the reading all about it.... I am on the combined pill (have been for 9 years) I am planning to ttc in October this year.

I have read in (Planning A Baby? by Dr Sarah Brewer) that it's ok to come off the pill and conceive straight away. In fact as you come off the pill you have a one off super fertile period where many people fall pregnant before they have their first true period (since going on the pill). In fact she says it is used in some fertility treatments to induce this super fertile time....

I was hoping this was true - as I planned to stay on the pill up to October then stop and ttc straight away.

What are peoples experience of this?

Thanks in advance

The main problem with ttc immediatly is that you have no idea what your cycle is and therefore when to expect your period to know whether of not you are pregnant or just late.

Many women find that it takes a few months after stopping the pill for their cycle to settle down and become regular.
I've been off the pil since september and lucky for me my cycle has been around the 28 day mark although I had one month that was crazy. I have also heard of the super fertile month just after coming off the pill. In fact a girl at work came off and got caught the first month. Although she is one of the luckier ones as most of us have been trying for at least 6 months. The doctor told me the pill can take quite a few months to come out of our systems and for our cycle to get into a regular pattern. It wont hurt if you BD every minute you get for the first month off the pill. In fact it might be fun!
Thanks for the replies...

Guess I'll just have to wait n see what happens. My nan and my mum both came off the pill and concieved the very next month (I know that doesn't necessarily mean I will tho!)

all I am worrying about at the moment is - how to make myself wait 6 months to start! lol

Hi Angela

Do you mind me asking why are you going to start TTC in Oct?

Not at all...

Two reasons for waiting til October

1) We have a mountain biking holiday booked for the first week in October - which I probably wouldnt' be able to go on if I had a bump! lol

2) I need to time having a baby when my mum retires from work as she will be looking after him/her when I go back to work after my 6 months maternity leave.....

hence my user name, lol

Hi Angela

They seem like valid reasons, however, I don't think I could be so patient! The minute I even thought about starting a family, I wanted to be pregnant immediately. We started trying in the new year and I am getting soooooo frustrated already!! My mum will also be looking after the baby when I go back to work, but as she works for herself, she can retire any time, which is good for me, but I keep thinking I am letting her down not getting pregnant because she can't retire until I have had the baby as she needs the money (I will be paying her, it's only fair).

Anyway, keep chatting, it's been nice talking to you.

Kim xx
Hello. I have read both of your remarks on the above topic. Good luck to you both, as I am in the same situation now. I am not "trying" yet it feels that way. I just went off of the pill middle of March and wonder what will happen!!!???? I never heard of the super-fertile time right after the pill, but that's good to hope for. My doc said that the combined pill leaves your body immediately, that is why missing more than one ovulation can start-up again and withdrawal bleed starts a few days later. "They", meaning the medical professionals, tell you to wait so the baby's due date can be pin-pointed precisely so they can keep track of the development and health of you & the baby. I asked a question in another area but never got a response......maybe someone here would have some valuable input. Question ~ I may or may not have conceived, b/c my "true" periods haven't started yet (on pill for ten years), but I had a withdrawal bleed right after the time that would have been likely for conception to take place.....So, would my lining be stable enough for implantation to occur by the time it traveled to its "resting" place? :~) Thanks and happy baby-making!
Hi Kim

Yes it would be good to keep chatting to you - just hope I don't get too jelous of you cos you're already trying! lol...

You say you don't think you could be as patient as me - well I'm not being patient at all - I'm permanantly reading baby books, keep looking at baby stuff in the shops and catalogues and all I can talk about is getting pregnant, and when we have the baby! hope I'm not driving everyone I know mad! hubby can't wait either, and my mum is an impatient nanny to be too! has to stop herself looking at baby clothes already!

On a more serious note, before we actually decided to ttf in October we were thinking of waiting 2 or more years - which seemed a lifetime to me! I was getting really down about it and went to the docs - I had the depression scoring test which came out aas midly depressed. The doctor said wanting something so badly and being in a situation where you can't have it was making me depressed. I am due to go back at the end of this month to see how I'm getting on - Doc didn't want me to get even more depressed. Since seeing her the ttc date has come forward somewhat (to oct) but I still feel that 6 months is too long (and who knows how long to conceive from then).....

My way of coping is to concentrate on preconception care - I'm getting all my muscles and body toned by rowing and cycling am taking multivits and improving my diet etc..... I know its soon but all this is good for me anyway and I want to be fit for my cycling holiday too....

anyway I'll stop going on again now.... good luck everyone whose ttc now1

Hi Angela

All I can say is, don't be too worried, if you make sure you prepare your body in the next 6 months, you will be in a much better position to conceive and carry a really healthy baby so you're lucky. My body doesn't know whether it's coming or going!! I just wish I could stop drinking and smoking but it's all that keeps me sane through all this!!

hello been trying for a baby for 4 monthes i was due on 4th of april,this is going to sound yuk but my tummy all up the wall keep thinking i going to come on then it stop,also kee[ feeling wet down below,but it just like a clear thin liqid,does this mean i going to come on or could i be pregnant
Hi Kim

I suppose thats a good way of looking at it! I have all this time to eat right, take supplements, exercise etc.

I am already increasing my fruit and veg intake so thats its second nature by October. I'm also cycling twice a week and rowing once week. Apparantly the stronger your back and abdominal muscles are the easier you will carry in the third trimester....

Who knows with all this exercising and healthy eating, I might like my new figure so much I won't want to get all fat and pregnant! (yeah right - I can't wait for my bump! lol).

Some days I feel really down and impatient and hate seeing babies everywhere, then other days I feel quite ok about the wait. I even have a count down spreadsheet on my computer at work (how sad is that, lol).

Hi Angela

You're not sad at all, and if you are, I must be sadder!!

:) Hi girls! I recently joined the forum, and my fiance and I have recently started to ttc, although I only went of the BC pill 2 months ago and have yet to have a regular period, so I don't actually think I'm ovulating yet. It would be great to talk to some women in a similar boat and keep eachother updated.

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