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Do i go back to work?


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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi guys am in need of your opinions....
I work as a veterinary nurse and currently on mat leave which ends in december. I really enjoy my job but the wages are quite low.
Hubby is self employed and has said that i don't have to go back to work.
I don't want to go back to work full time as i will miss out on my boy's milestones.
I just don't know whether its going to be worth going back part time.. it would give me a little bit of adult contact, the down side are ...
1. none of the nurses that i work with have kids or are married. so probably would understand if i;ve had a bad night
2. The head nurse don't have very good interpersonal skills, beware if she is in a bad mood!!
3. my mum lives 30 mins away and doesn't drive, and work is 25 mins away from her house.
4. child care i've looked at is full time £140-£160 per week or part-time £24-38 per hr.
5. i earn just over £900 per month.

i'm starting to think its not really worth going back -after child care aand fuel i'll almost be working for free...
What do you guys think???
I don't think it's worth most people going back to work who are on a salery of about £15K or less unless they can get free childcare like MIL or own mum. I might return to work part time and get MIL to look after little one as she only work part time too. If she can't look after little one though I don't think I will as it won't be worth it - despite the contact.

But then I may change my mind in 6 months time I guess.....
Well i'm on 18k, but with childcare costs and petrol, it doesn't seem worth me going back.

Which is a shame as I really enjoy my job and have a good company pension.

Its a very difficult decision to make and I have been trying to work it out for about two years now! (I like to think ahead :roll: )

I have now decided that I will probably take the whole year off and see where that takes us.

It is a very difficult decision to make hun, I totally understand where you are coming from!
Its a tough one!!
If i didnt have to go back to work i wouldnt!! (but mainly cos i hate it!!!!)
have a good think!
I'll be earning less than 15k as I will be going back part time after 6 months. Technically we could scrape by (and i mean scrape) if I didn't return but as OH is self employed we have decided that I'll be working 3 days, he will have one day off in the week and for the other 2 days baby will be in nursery, thugh nanny has offered to look after baby one day a week if possible. I guess its all down to personal choice, part time would suit me as I will still spend time with baby and also be able to continue my career (have just qualified) Plus I would miss not going to work. However I am also aware that child care is expensive. It is one of thise situations, I guess in your heart you'll make the correct decision for you. Good luck xx
I am not going back to work after baby is born, i am one of the lucky ones that can stay at home with both of mine.

I am not going back as i only get £500 a month so by the time i have paid for child care for 2 of them etc, i would be working for next to nothing. My OH has a good job with quite good wages so we can comfortably get by. I will miss the adult company and just generally getting out of the house. i found with Amy that it did her good to have time away from me as well as she built character but when number 2 comes along it wont be worth it to me.
i wish i had the choicei have to go back to work to be able to support me and braydon and to give him a good life
Must admit i will miss going to work, i only did 1.30 til 5.30 monday to friday so it was quite ideal and my mum had Amy, but she can't have 2 as it will be hard work for her.

To be honest once Amy is old enough to go to school the baby will be just starting nursery, so in 3 years time i am going to be training to be a midwife, it's my ambition and i am looking forward to it.

When the baby is 6 months old or so i am going to apply to the hospital to do voluntary midwifery assistant for evenings, so Andy can look after the children once they are in bed, it gives me time to socialise and then if a job for midwifery assistant comes up i will apply for it until i can start my training.

I love being at home with Amy and i will with the baby but i also like having time to myself.
Hope that doesn't sound too selfish :oops:
Just realised that i'd put childcare at £24-38 per hour - i meant per day!!
Don't think i will be going back to work
I think it'd be worth it if you really enjoy the job, but if I was in your position I wouldn't be going back!

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