DIY maternity wear - my tips to save a fortune!


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May 31, 2005
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don't know about you girls, but i still want to look good now i'm pregnant - without paying a fortune! i've made some maternity clothes myself - for anyone that's interested here's what i have done:

i went out and bought 2metres of black jersey fabric, a bargain at £8 in total from the market. then i got the trusty sewing machine out and made:

1 BLACK LONG SKIRT - just sewed a long tube of the fabric, with a split at the bottom, and made it long enough for me to wear double over my bump (folded over just under my boobs). that took about 1 metre of the fabric and was very comfy.

1 PAIR MATERNITY JEANS + 1 PAIR BLACK TROUSERS - i took a pair of jeans and some black trousers that i already had before pregnancy (but didn't like very much) and cut out a section at the front, from each side seam down in a curve to just under the bump/just under the zip.

(i wore the trousers -open- and drew around/below my bump with tailor's chalk) then i took some of the jersey fabric, folded it double, pinned it where the cut-out bit was and sewed it on. i also added some 20 mm wide elastic at the top which i can adjust, but think they would have been ok without this too.

they turned out better than i even imagined, and the fit was great (better than any maternity trousers i have bought), as the trousers were the same fit as before apart from having extra room for the bump! no baggy bums or thighs in sight!

i still have some fabric left and am planning on attacking a pair of cords that have been gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe for about 2 years!

so that's 1 skirt and 3 pairs of trousers for an outlay of £8 and a few old garments that i already had! not bad 'ey?!

if my descriptions are confusing (very likely!) and you need any more info, PM me - i'd be happy to help! :D
Aren't you ingenious :D

I'd love to be any good at sewing etc, but I'm rubbish :( Haven't got a sewing machine :(

You are a genius - Please please please make me some clothes!! :D !!!!! - On saturday - before I came to meet you I bought some trousers from dorothy perkins - they were £20.00 each - but all my work trousers are getting to tight to wear - but £40.00 wasnt in my budget!!??

Theres no way I could sew - Im a disaster at anything like that. I cant even use that iron-on stuff you use on trouser turnups - I end up burning the trousers or getting the stuff stuck to the iron - or on the wrong part of the trousers!!!!

L x

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