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Apr 27, 2005
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if any1 has any advise plzzzzz
my AF isnt due for another 2 weeks, but she turned up yesterday with a vengence. :evil:
ive not been TTC coz i have a colposcopy appointment on friday this week and was told not to TTC.
a few years ago i had pre-cancerous cells at a moderate level, had lletz treatment and during my last check up i was told i had them again at a high level, so have to go in on friday for treatment. just wanted sum advice as im quite qorried coz i was told i shudnt get them again but here i am 2 years later with HIGH levels of the cells this time.
my GP said the AF bleeding cud be a symptom of things progressing even further than 1st thought.i dont think id be quite this worried but my mum had exactly the same at 2 years older than i am now {31} as did my gran at a youngish age.

has any1 else had this as im really qorried.. :( :(

thanx in advance
Hi Sarah

I had severe dyskaryosis 7 years ago (I was 25 at the time) and had the laser surgery. I'd not heard of Lletz till I saw your post. My GP had a similarly good bedside manner to yours, by the sound of it and told me basically that if things didn't work out, that I wouldn't see my 30th birthday. :shock:

I completely understand your fear, I was terrified. I don't think you ever expect anyone to mention the C word anywhere near you especially at our sort of age.

Presumably your checks since your last treatment were clear, in which case I don't see how the doctor can say it's progressed that much. Is he suggesting that they missed it first time and since!? I read loads about it after the event (there is no information on the NHS) and it's meant to develop really slowly. I was checked every 6 months at first and then every 12 months up to 5 years. Have you had the same level of checks?

I've been really lucky in that it hasn't come back. I can only imagine what you must be going through. I remember them saying that having it once doesn't make you likely to get it again or any other kind of cancer. I can't say I can remember it affecting my periods, but I was on the pill at the time and I don't suppose I would notice.

Do you know what treatment they are planning on Friday? Will you have lletz again or laser?

Keep your chin up, I'm sure it will all work out ok and you'll be back TTC soon. ((((((hugs))))))


Hi Sarah,

I had the same sort of problems a few years back so can understand and sympathise with you, luckliy for me though after the treatment it seems to have sorted things out, saying that I haven't have a smear for about 2 years, I know i've been very naughty in not having it done, not really sure why I didn't and I have been told off by the m/w and doc about it and they'll make me have one done as soon as bubs is born! A couple of years ago I had a breast cancer scare too, so know how it feels - horrid!

I know its extremely scary but at least you've been keeping an eye on it and things are being done about it. Try not too worry too much, you're in the best care now. I know a couple of other people who've had the same thing and we've all been told its 'high' but everyone is ok. Regards to your AF coming early, who knows why, our body is a funny, complex machine!

Anyway, good luck and I really hope everything goes ok for you and like Helen said keep your chin up, we're all here for you so let us know what happens and what the docs. say.

Take Care.

thanx for replying.

i have lletz treatment on friday, they say all my checks since the last time were borderline and mild to moderate, but they left it till now for more treatment.

i suppose wots meant to be is meant to be. trying not to worry is hard lol.


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