Did anyone see Big Brother last night?


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Mar 16, 2005
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Did anyone else feel very disturbed after watching Big Brother last night? (i.e. between Craig and Anthony)? Surely BB should have stepped in and told Craig to back off and leave him alone????
I missed it last night, but people at work were talking about it. I know what you mean about BB stepping in, but is that not what makes it compulsive viewing? I live in Newcastle and I know for a fact that Anthony will get so much ribbing when he leaves the house that he'll wish he's never met Craig. I do wish Craig would leave him alone though cause I think he's making himself look really sad and desperate.
Criag was so out of order last night, and tonight he has told a few lies to anothny over what really happend!!!

I really do hope that hes up for eviction next week, coz the public will defo get him out, then he will have to face everyone knowing what hes done and get what he deserves!
and poor kemal! i love him, he should have stayed, i bet orlaith does not walk tomorrow like she said she would do if not out tonight!
OMG...disturbed is the right word!
I couldn't believe Craig!
It was....wrong! :lol:
i bet orlaith does not walk tomorrow like she said she would do if not out tonight!

I hope she does but I agree with you Layla - I bet she doesn't. We'll see.....!
craig realy needs to get a grip the boke is NOT GAY
Hi Kayl

I did see it - she should definitely spice things up!!! I was on holiday when they were in the secret garden but my sister told me whe was very entertaining!!

I'm still in shock Orlaith left - I feel a bit sorry for her really, don't understand why Derek and everyone turned on her.
Its just that nasty woman hating Derek! He picks on all the women, Orlaith, Makosi, vanessa etc. he is never rude to there faces he just slags them like hell behind there backs, always in a 'matter of fact way' like is is imparting some great perls of wisdom, when really he is just a sad maniplulating git, who thinks he is better than everyone else!

God he makes my blood boil!!!! :evil: :evil:
i was really peeved with the craig and anthony thing the other night!

if it was a guy that was taking advantage of a girl all hell would break loose, i dont see why craig should get away with it! poor anthony bless him doesnt have a clue cuz craig is just brainwashing him about the whole thing!
Oh i know, i cant stand her, she also didnt walk before eviction coz "she knew kemal would go" so she stayed to get him out then walked, evil bitch! lol
Derek and Craig are the WORST for me. I think Derek will be the one to go on Friday, but I think Craig will be the first one out next week (at least I hope he is!!).

Eugene is just a total wet blanket who follows Derek around - if it wasn't for Derek I think he'd be OK. But because he's taken to slagging everyone else off with Derek, I think he's shot himself in the foot.

Kinga seems quite naive and easily led - she does things to impress the others. I bet she would be quite sweet if she would just be herself.

Makosi has interesting perceptions of the other housemates, but she's two faced. In the end I think that will be her downfall......

So I guess my fave at the moment is Anthony - he's the only one who doesn't want to spend all his time bitching about the other housemates.


Rant over.......

Sometimes I cringe when Craig's on, I'm embarrassed for him he's such an idiot, can't wait to see the back of him!!

Here here Kim!!

Kayl -
what am I suppose to do with the 3 weeks left of my pregnancy when it ends a week friday

Only 3 weeks - what about us poor folk?!! I'll still have 11 weeks to go :(

At least you'll be able to start eating hot curries and doing (erm) other stuff (!) to encourage your little one out ASAP :lol:
Craig makes me feel so uncomfortable, the way he just sits and stares at Anthony, he makes Michelle from last year look normal. I had to laugh when he said "I bet they make me out to fancy Anthony" referring to BB, Craig you have managed a good enough job of that on your own. Do you think they'll do a "Stu" eviction this year, if so please let it be Craig. I can't wait to see that interview.

I worked out that by the time my maternity finishes next yr the new BB will be starting, hmph!!
I hope Criag is next to go, he creeps me out and is not normal!!

I think eugene will go tonight, i dont want him to tho, hes funny, in a geeky way :)

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