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Jul 25, 2005
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This is extremley embarrassing, I have recently found out I am pregnant and I have only suffered with Wind and Back ache and some slight cramping (especially at night)

This afternoon What i thought was a little wind would extreme diarrea :oops: , I managed to get to the toilet, but wondered if this was normal?

I dont think it is anything I have eaten as I have really only eaten salads.

Sarah :( :shock:
Salads can cause diarrea as they are made of mainly waterbased ingredients. But yes it can be normaly in pregnancy, as your digestive system starts doing all kinda wonderfull things :? unfortunatley i have been suffering with bloatedness and constipation :roll:

Dont worry to much about it unless you keep getting really bad!!!
Good luck

Natalie x
Don't worry hun - I was the same in the first few weeks.........I was expected to get constipated but then was unpleasently surprised!!!

All calmed down after a few weeks.

Lots of love
So glad you have posted this have suffered for this for every couple of days from Friday. Got a BFP on Saturday. I have a friend who is a midwife and she said yesterday that she had suffered from this throughout the first 12 weeks but did not have any sickness and she didn't even realise that this was a symptom of pregnancy but apparantly it is. I am trying to think that it is a good sign and means hormones ranging. Hears hoping so. By the way she had a boy and swears this is a sign of having a boy. Who knows!
Thanks everyone.

At least I know it is one of the many symptoms. Luckily I only had the one bout yesterday.

Freya, I hope it gets better congratulations on your BPF, look forward to chatting throughout our pregnancy

Congrats to the two newbies!!!!!!!

I have havent had a normal tummy since conception,diahhoria (god knows how you spell that!) and constipation alternatively and in fact this was my first symptom before my BFP's! It has gone on since then and still bugs me however i am lucky as i love malt loaf and find this really helps me find a happy medium!!!

Dont worry pregnancy seems to bring a multitude of different symptoms and changes and nearly all are good signs esp the morning sickness but luckily for me that has passed now! It will go!

Good luck both of you with you pregnancies and here's to all the 2006 babies to be!


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