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    for anyone that dont know me and my ex broke up when he found out about the baby and i have done everything to get him involved then at the weekend he text me telling me that he was going for access (totally out of the blue). and i thought i was just getting over him.
    well any way last nite i had a dream about him and him falling back in love with me and when i woke up i was in tears coz i know that will never happen, anyway i saw him today and realised i am still in love with him and i think i always will be - so i have been really down today - also all my old m8s dont want to know me anymore coz i cant do normal things 17 yr olds will do such as go out and get drunk but i will have my baby, generally i have had a very depressed day today
    sorry for babbling
    sarah and bubba
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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Hey, dont worry bable as much as you want. I sorta know how you are feeling. Im only 19 myself and feel sometimes that im missing out, but I dnt care now, I still go out, and have a brill time without getting drunk, and whats even better is that I only spend 5 pound tops on a night out. Hehe. Im trying to make the most of doin all the usual things, os before long i will have to slow down.

    Im sorry to hear u do not have the complete support of your friends tho, my friends have been life savers they are so good, i have them all bickering between them about who will be coming to the scan with me, i gotta try and let them all down gently because i only want me and the babys dad to go, so i can talk.

    I to love the father of my child, but am begining to give up hope, we were togther and well, now we are sorta going our seperate ways, ppl always told me a baby makes or breaks a relationship. I would love to stay with him, and even tho we are sorta toghther, i have to face facts that it aint gonna happen ne more, even tho we are great friends, we just aint gonna be togther much longer.

    I keep hoping tho that hings will change. Because as much as he will be around i still want him to be around for me aswell not jus the baby, if u know wot i mean.

    If you ever want to talk pm me or add me to msn if u want, u shud get my add from my profile.

    bec xx
  3. Hayley05

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    Jul 1, 2005
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    Hope you are feeling better....I know too that it gets pretty rough being young and pregnant, Its hard to get used to, but you will eventually. Good Luck!!! :D

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