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    u kno that dentyl mouthwash (the pink and blue one that u shake and it goes purple), the claim is that those pink bits u spit into the sink are the debris in ur mouth that brushing has failed to clean off?
    my boyf says its a con! he says theres something in it that ur spit reacts with and forms pink lumps.
    i like to believe things like that, but the other day i washed my mouth with it and saw bits in the sink, so i thought if thats all the bits then surely my mouth is now free of bits so if i did the wash again there would be no bits?!
    but the second rinse there were still bits! so even if the bits ARE debris, the mouthwash still doesnt get them all out, otherwise after one rinse my mouth should be clean and any further rinses should be bit-free?
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    Jun 22, 2007
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    Yeah I don't got for that either! I tried it and every time I used it (after brushing, flossing and using a dental jet), there were always bits!

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