December 30th

:D anyone due on 30th dec i like to chat to you all this timelast year i had a miscarrage so it was ashock to find out .
hiya,im due 30th december.this will be my forth me any time if you want to 27 and live in the midlands,leics area
Well my due date was finally confirmed as the 29th December, so looks like we will be having bubbas right around the same time. My sister is sure I will go into labour on Xmas Day :lol: (Hope not after eating all those sprouts ;) )

How are you finding things so far?
hi girls. i am due on dec 29 or dec 30 depending which doctor i listen to. i'm getting to the point where i am ready for this baby to get out of my belly so i can tie my own shoes again!! :D

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