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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Jen1232, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Jen1232

    Jen1232 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2013
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    Hi All,

    I jsut wanted a bit of a moan. I burst out crying in work today and now I am very embarassed. They know I am pregnant so undertand, but I don't know were it came from.

    I got muddled up with some work I had to do and it just started.

    Anyone else been weepy?
  2. lisey

    lisey Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2012
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    I nearly cried yesterday cos my sons school didnt send home a letter I requested :wall2: Its all very natural, I have felt weepy and agitated x
  3. CountryGirl

    CountryGirl Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2013
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    Yes hun, I've been exactly the same.

    I cried yesterday because I want to tell everyone and am sick of keeping it quiet (even though deep down I want to keep it quiet til we have our first scan), and I cried this morning because I had no energy to get ready for work.

    Almost cried at work this morning too (my boss knows and asked how I was feeling - big mistake!).

    So don't worry, it's natural. Hope you're feeling better now xx

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