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May 26, 2005
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Hmmm is it just me or is anyone else around the 32/33 week mark beginning to find themselves really impatient and cranky? The poor cat tried to get up on my lap the other day and accidentally sunk its claws into my leg, at which point I dumped the poor animal on the ground and made a swipe at clipping it on the ear! :shock: I mean - I'm not like that, the poor critter didn't know what way to take it. I NEVER strike animals, I think it's a horrible thing to do.

I'm a little shorter with my husband too these days, I seem to be on a very short fuse and am taking him up on silly things like jokes he makes that I don't find funny or his tentative suggestions about Christmas shopping.

I'm trying really hard to be nice! NOT normally a cranky person. Anyone else feeling this?

Join the club!!! I was the same - hopefully it'll change though as you approach D-day!! I've had so many laughs this past week, my kids are wondering what's wrong with me!!!!!!! :? :lol:
Just go with the flow! You're allowed to grump a bit.
Emilia xx
I know exactly how you feel mate - although I think I have been this way a bit longer :oops: I was a quite calm and placid person before being pregnant and let a lot of things wash over me instead of let them get to me. Now though I seem to be snapping at my OH for just leaving a knife in the wrong place on the side :oops:

I hope it goes away again after baby is born!
If you think you're bad now wait till you're due date comes and goes.

My poor hubby, sometimes I feel sorry for him, sometimes I'm like: "Why don't you do YOUR OWN washing huh?"
I can laugh about this now but on Saturday I was in a humdinger of a mood......

Was totally fed up with the way DH was talking to me so I lobbed what I had in my hand at him. Which was the Mr Muscle kitchen spray.
I'd picked up the dog food off the floor whilst it was being hoovered and the MM richochet off of the dog food plate, splattering it everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Down the cream walls, the kitchen door, the floor, the radiator. It even made it to the front room and in DH's hair.

Cranky? You aint seen nothing ;)

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