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Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by Gill09876, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Gill09876

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    Hi girls, since 13 weeks I have noticed the crampy period like pains are a little more frequent than before, they are only mild and I've had no bleeding but thought I'd mention it. I'm 13+6 and have had two scans at both 7 and 12+4 showing very strong heartbeats. I suffer with ibs so wondered if this may be adding to the cramp.


    Gill x
  2. H16

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    Apr 30, 2012
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    I still get these pains during second tri, especially in the first few weeks of tri 2 but it was just stretching pains - my belly popped out quite a bit by 15 weeks lol. I'm sure you are just experiencing the same thing. Unless the pain is unbearable and you get any bleeding I wouldn't worry :) x

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