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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by gator89, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Background: I'm not TTC but would be fine if it happens!

    I have been on Alesse birth control pill for about 8 years. I'm normally good at taking it every day and then if I do miss just doubling up the next day and I know that missing a pill can cause spotting and irregularity.

    Sometime during this pack of pills I missed a day and didn't notice (I was just taking them a day behind without realizing it). I just started using the Clue app to better track my period and so I know that its possible I could have conceived if I did ovulate. I had some spotting and cramping which sounded a lot like the signs/symptoms of implantation, but the spotting has continued for a few days. Aside from the spotting and cramping I have experienced some nausea, dizziness and just this super weird "feeling" that I'm pregnant. I'm not due to have my period for 9 more days so it is too early to take a test (although I got impatient and tried last night with a negative result). This seems to just feel different than other times I have missed a pill so I'm wondering if it is possible that I am pregnant even though the spotting and cramping have gone on longer than the typical implantation bleeding.

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