Could i be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by ShomLouise, Jul 6, 2016.

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    My period started on the 23th june and started on the 27th june,
    I had sex on the 27th.
    For the past week i have been sleeping constantly!
    I have to nap every 4 hours or i become so moody
    The last 3 days I have been having these cramp(ish) feelings like period pains?
    I've had ever so slight tingling feeling in my boobs aswell.
    I have been feeling slightly sick aswell? One day i just couldnt keep anything down the next i was eating everything i could.
    Its still to early for me to take any tests from what i have read online but i just want to know if these are possible pregnancy signs?

    Forgot to mention for the last 2 days i have been having hot flashes

    Thank you for reading
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    Hi, you say you had sex on the last day of your period, is that the only time? How long are your cycles normally? Ovulation takes place on average around day 14 in a regular 28 day cycle. I say on average, there is a lot of variation for people. However, it would be very rare to ovulate on or around cycle day 5 which is when you had sex. To be honest, it's likely what you're experiencing is ovulation symptoms as the timing would be about right. Now is the time to have sex! :)

    Even if you did ovulate on or close to the 27th, implantation takes an average of 9 days (again, this can vary quite a bit) so would just be happening around now. Some ladies do say they get symptoms from around or even before ovulation but again, this is rare.

    Best of luck.

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