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    hi ladies!
    I need opinion ,
    I had sex on 16th of April.
    And my next period should be second week of June.
    I had some bleeding ten or fifteen days after sex I thought it was early period because it was not spotting. it was first week of May.

    I took pregnancy test yesterday and it came negative.
    If I conceived baby on 16th April and the early period i thought is implantation bleeding would it show on pregnancy test now?

    It would be 6 weeks if I conceived in April now.
    I am confused because I am confused with my period now. usually I have it between on 10th to 15th of the month. but when I had bleeding it was beginning of the month.
    So should I count my regular period or the early one I thought, as in missed period?

    If it was implantation bleeding that means I have missed my period and it has been over twenty days since I missed my period so it should show on the test right?

    I am thinking about blood test next week but I wanted to make sure if it is possible to be 6 weeks pregnant and not show on the test?
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