Could an ultrasound/ct scan miss a pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by castle4, Apr 7, 2022.

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    Hi there.
    I am currently going through a major struggle, we’ll have been going through quite the struggle for months now..

    So I had intercourse on July 14th 2021.. that was last day of my period that started July 9th 2021..

    August 6th comes along period is light last only a few days. I’m used to heavy periods 6 days.. thought it was weird but hey I got a period I’m not pregnant right… well

    couple months to by periods still light spotty.. then around end of October early November I start feeling fetal movement as it felt when I was pregnant a few years back… those movements are unforgettable. I take a pregnancy test negative… but still feel movements and now nauseous terribly and no appetite, super lightheaded take MULTIPLE pregnancy tests throughout and negative.

    I then look online that If you test to late In pregnancy it could come out a false negative because hcg is too much and overloads tests.

    I call my Obgyn they get me in lab to get a quantitative blood test,
    Came back negative…
    Go for a visit with Obgyn to double check does a pelvic exam apparently no pregnancy. I know my body I feel pregnant so thought it was weird but I listened to drs.

    another month goes by feelings start to get more frequent, very light spotting. Told drs my concern and they do a transvaginal ultrasound for me and no fetus in uterus but told them I could be further along so they did a pelvic US apparently no fetus but she went through it quick. Could she not look hard enough?

    I also had a CT scan done abdominal/pelvic and apparently gyno organs normal appearance. Could they have missed a pregnancy at almost 5 months on ct or ultrasound? They did see gallstones on my scan..

    I have cramps throughout the month even when period isn’t due, heavy wet discharge I’ve never had before. Movements daily still. I feel shooting pains and my period is still spotty barley need a tampon. I know I probably sound crazy but this has mentally drained me to the point where it’s effecting my daily life…

    any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    If you conceived a baby in early JULY you’d have given birth by now.

    You’re not pregnant. If you were far enough along to feel movements there’s no way two ultrasounds and a doctor doing a pelvic exam would miss it.
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