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    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, i am 17 and just found out i am pregnant, even though i am keeping the baby i am worried about the price of it all, how much do you think a baby costs a week to make sure it is happy and cared for also what stuff will i need to get before the baby gets here.

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    It's such a hard question as a baby can cost as much or as little as you like. In the early days it would save you money if you breastfeed, unless you are on any benefits and can get free formula. The only other expense is nappies which are expensive. You can get washable ones now which cost upfront but then thats it until the baby grows a bit.

    You will probably find that once friends and family find out they will start donating things to you like clothes, cots, pushchairs etc. Babygrows etc are pretty cheap nowadays so maybe but the odd one or two every so often during the rest of your pregnancy, as with vests and cardi's which you will need from the early days.

    A lot of people spend loads on equipment which you don't really need, you can make do without things like changing mats and top and tail bowls by using a towel and any plastic dish.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Much love
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    other than all the bits you need to buy, weekly up to 6 months the baby wont cost you hardly anything if you plan to breast feed. Breast feeding will aslo get your body back into shape quicker you can loose 600 calories a day from it!
    If you buy reuasable nappies also they set you back £260 for the first year (in one go) where as disposable will cost about £400 a year (but spread out).
    Im not sure if this is right but nappies should cost you about £35 a week. you can work it out if you baby will use 7-8 nappies per day then see how much a pack would cost you.
    At 6 month your baby will start on solids but making them at home ratehr than buying jars can save a lot. Do some research of how much babies use and then check out for prices! Ive done o much research so far its helped me lots and stops me from worrying!
    Make yourself a little plan or things to buy prices youve found etc.
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    As for initial outlay of equipment I recomend ebay! I have been stocking up on brest pumps, travel cots, bottol sterilisers etc etc.
    I wrote up a list of all the things I would need for the baby from buggy and cot down to lamp shads, bed sheets and everything else and wrote down the shop prices. I have bought a lot of this now from ebay and so far if I had bought all these items from shops like mothercare, argos, mamas & papas and the like it would have cost me £298 where as looking out for bargins online it has cost me only £92!
    Alternitively look for stuff in free ad papers. Or if your recieving benefits you may be eligable for a maternety grant where you get given £500 to help with the costs.

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